Kenzo Cane

By Bella Pallett

Sat in the evening sunshine, Orin Hardy watched his father search for the plant that would change both of their lives forever. When the research began, the excitement in the air grew. With every new discovery, the hope that their dreams would soon become reality strengthened. When it was found out that their chosen material was the only one to have a positive environmental impact due to the restoration of damaged land and its ability to capture CO2, the build for a new, happier future began.

Due to its outstanding strength and flexibility, bamboo is perfect for the creation of places and products that are not only sustainable but hold great beauty too. By harnessing the bamboo plants unique traits, Orin Hardy has laid the groundwork for a whole new model of communication.

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Creating Bamboo U in the hopes of providing places for everyone to live in harmony with nature, Orin caught the attention of KENZO PARFUMS with his innovative approach to using bamboo.

This year marks 30 years since the release of KENZO HOMME, the brands’ first men’s fragrance and the very first marine woody scent inspired by nature. The scent caused a revolution of freshness in the form of a bamboo shoot bent by the breeze of the imagined sea.

Believing that the bamboo plant is a quiet force of nature, it symbolises KENZO PARFUMS’ commitment to a more beautiful and sustainable world, similar to the aspirations of Bamboo U.

Now being reborn to bring a new sense of freedom to masculinity through reconnecting with one’s deeper nature, the new KENZO HOMME Eau de Toilette Intense is in perfect resonance with its time whilst paying homage to the authentic imagery of the past 30 years of KENZO HOMME.

In February 2021, KENZO flew to Bali to support Orin Hardy with Bamboo U, aiming to bring together and train a new generation of designers, architects and engineers to reconnect their expertise with nature alongside the release of the new olfactory experience.

To show their dedication to support KENZO created a scholarship that will enable 10 students who share Orin Hardy’s dream of making the future into the best possible place to live in to study through the Bamboo U Project.

The marine-woody fragrance crafted by perfumer Givaudan is reminiscent of sun-warmed salty skin. Creating a uniquely fresh and sensual aura, the top notes of Pink Pepper deliver spicy freshness whilst Calypsone diffuses its aquatic notes. At the heart of the fragrance, there is a sensual and sophisticated Vetimer which is warmed by a woody Fig tree note. This is carried by the base of creamy richness of Sandalwood which is luxuriously enhanced by the spicy and elegant radiance of Akigalawood.

To show their commitment to nature, KENZO HOMME Eau de Toilette Intense reinvents the codes of perfumery to further delve into a world of increasingly sustainable beauty through using naturally derived alcohol.

Helping to further establish KENZO’s values at the heart of the formula lies two rare and precious ingredients that are key to the signature scent. Both Haitian Vetiver and Australian Sandalwood are sustainably sourced through Givaudan’s very own Sourcing4Good program whilst meeting Fair For Life criteria to ensure Kenzo’s values are reached.

The bottle takes the shape of newly remodelled bamboo, an ode to the very first men’s fragrance inspired by nature whilst embodying KENZO PARFUMS values. Reflecting the bamboos natural strength and flexibility, there is powerful minimalism reflected through the bottle. The intense, vibrant blue is likened to the marine freshness of the fragrance and bevelled with the sharpness of a katana cut, the cap is stamped with the official KENZO seal.

The bottle is a totem of eco-responsibility, containing 10% recycled glass and by reducing its weight in glass by 23% there is an additional 10ml of fragrance in the 100ml bottle. To top it all off the design of its cap has been developed to save 34% of plastic. Using responsibly sourced paper printed with bio-sourced inks, the perfume comes in 60ml and 110ml measurements now available at Boots.

So, if you want a fragrance reminiscent of sun-filled days surrounded by the land and sea whilst taking eco-responsibility and believing in a more beautiful future crafted by the incredibly versatile material of bamboo, this is the fragrance for you.

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