Colour Care

By Jo Phillips

Colour is one of the most important tools for communication. OK, colour may not actually ‘talk’ to us but it does subconsciously communicate via our learnt knowledge (dependent on where in the world we live) of what each colour may well mean for us. But what if we turn these perceived meaning on their head? You may not be used to say putting a red oil directly on your face, not to colour your skin but maybe more to raise your happiness or your energy for the day. Find out more here in Colour Care

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As our world gets smaller and we ‘talk’ more we are able to help educate and inform each other. This is so evident in the movement for clean beauty, just dip into any social media platform or a beauty magazine and find copious conversations of how we can all use far cleaner green skincare makeup and fashion let alone home care furniture buildings, and more.

There have never been more opportunities to buy direct ‘green clean’ beauty than ever before, yet how do we navigate the copious offerings. What if a brand just stood out, not just because they are ethically sourced and produced using natural ingredients and are lovingly hand-made, yet they also have colour that draws you to the products?

We expect skincare to be ‘natural’ in tone, neutral colours we feel are ‘of nature’ greens white beiges. Yet natural herself is bursting with colour, passion and tone. Colours we know also deeply affect our minds

Enter Katarina Stetz a Swedish cosmetic formulator and private label consultant with over 10 years of experience in the beauty industry. She has utilised her magic and knowledge to create six stunning rainbow face Serums; beautiful oil blends with the added value of each of them being a tone that will lift your energy and spirit as well as heal your face.

Different, effective with each vial contains a mix of natural oils that are nourishing for your skin, whilst bringing colour to your skincare as well as your psyche.

They can be applied individually to moisturize your face & hair, or mix & match to either use on their own favourite moisturiser or enhance a favourite daily cream simply by adding a drop of your favorite blend before you apply it to the face.

The collection called the rainbow serums breaks down as follows:-

Red – we think of in our psyche with this colour of love courage and strength, or possibly if you live in China good luck and money or India weddings. Therefore the luscious bright rich red oil is the perfect colour to wear on days you need to leave your comfort zone, or even a little bit of self-love. The oil is a beautiful blend of tomato seed oil, sea buckthorn oil & sandalwood, packed with vitamins & antioxidants to power up your skin. The tomato seed oil is reinvigorating, easily absorbed & helps your skin glow.

Orange – this serum captures the magical Arizona sunset. Imagine sitting comfortably on a warm sunbathed patio, the scent of orange blossoms struck you as you listen to the hummingbirds’ symphony while watching the vibrant orange sky. Orange is also considered a great colour for creating. This serum is a mix of jojoba seed oil and carrot seed oil and is nourishing and protecting. It also works as a hair oil, a few drops is a great moisturizer for dry hair.

Yellow -yellow as a colour stands for optimism & creativity. See the Scandinavian sun in the vial here, after a long and dark winter the sun returns and Stockholm explodes in joy and life. Yellow also has connotations in some parts of the world as a royal colour as it is near to gold. The oil is a beautiful blend containing healing sunflower oil and uplifting citrus scent. This is a serum to energize tired skin.

Green – such a vibrant colour, here see it in the oil as fresh and alive and gentle at the same time; we so associate it with nature but also it’s calming, healing, and new beginnings. The green serum is based on cucumber seed oil. Cucumber seed oil is a light oil with a fresh scent that absorbs quickly by the skin. Green symbolizes inspiration was the dew-­‐glittering summer grass. It’s a perfect morning oil, as it works well under makeup.

Blue – Blue, a colour of peace of uniforms and signals trust & serenity, it’s the color of the ocean which is deeply soothing, at the same time reviving. The Blue serum is an effective blend of protecting coconut oil and the exclusive blueberry seed oil. The blend locks in moisture and is ideal to revitalize dry and dull skin.

Purple – The color purple often represents luxury and royalty but is also very much the colour of spirituality. The Purple serum is based on grape seed oil. This luxurious oil contains protecting polyphenoles & flavonoids and has a well-balanced fatty acid profile that makes your skin soft with added luxurious jasmine oil which gives the blend a magical, floral scent.

Interestingly, each oil has a specific purpose, yet they all have one thing in common -­‐ effective skincare that makes your skin feel and look great. All products are sourced and manufactured sustainably.

Katarina says “I see formulating beauty products is an art form. Fine dining revolutionized the food industry and elevated dining to an experience. I want to do the same with beauty. Beauty products can be so much more than just a moisturizer. The combination of packaging, texture, and scent stimulates all senses, and affects your mood and confidence, yet makes your skin look great”. 

Find the skincare products at Nanni Natural Here . She is also co-host of Farmer & Stetz, a weekly podcast for professionals in the beauty industry, indie brand owners and beauty geeks. They focus on beauty facts vs fear mongering, life as independent brand owners & formulators as well as beauty industry news.

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