Combating the Cold

By Baishali Banerjee

This year, winter rushed its way to snow quickly before the mid of December. No wonder the snow looks like we have stepped into Winter Wonderland and has fulfilled the dreams of many who never saw snow before. At the same time the temperature dropping down to minuses and the frozen ground can be quite a turbulence to ones’ everyday lives, as we all run daily chores. A comfy, cozy footwear paired with some sense of fashion would be the most sought after thing throughout this winter. Dr. Martens announces the launch of the Latest Collaboration with A-COLD-WALL. And ASICS partners with Florence Tétier to craft unique pairs of Gel Nimbus 9 Sneakers. To know more, read Combating the Cold with A-COLD-WALL.

The double-height Bex sole serves as a solid basis for the most recent evolution, which builds on earlier iterations. The 1461 shoe in the collection is black on black and is placed next to the 1461 shoe and 1460 boot in monochrome white. On the profiles of the silhouettes, the clean architectural forms where the eyelets would normally be firmly positioned stand out. A pillar of the partnership that dates back to their nascent collection. Similarly, front zips have taken the role of laces to maintain the polished appearance of the boot and shoe.

You can see subtle details like gunmetal rivets, embossed leather, and oversized side panels. The trademark Dr. Martens features are placed next to each other: a black and yellow AirWair heel loop and a yellow welt stitch that adds an unexpected pop of colour. For the completely white boot and shoe, both components are shown without any colour. finished with a co-branded, reflective swing tag to carry on the functional workwear-based design philosophy. a unified brand on shared ground.

For those choosing a funky look over vintage, ASICS partners with Florence Tétier, Paris-based creative director and jewelry-designer to craft unique pairs of Gel Nimbus 9 Sneakers.

Tétier has reinvented a pair of sneakers she wears every day, the Gel-NimbusTM 9, for this instalment of Crafts for Mind. By making a variety of handmade jewelry out of recycled plastic, she adds her unique touch without changing the design. It is entirely customizable because the wearer can choose to wear the shoes with or without the shoe attachments.

The collaboration’s debut was held at Marseille’s Jogging concept store, which was selected by Florence Tétier and ASICS. This decision was natural for both Tétier and ASICS because Marseille is a town that Florence frequently returns to and has historical significance in the local ASICS culture. Following the sale, there will be a celebration with members of the Marseille neighborhood.

All proceeds from the crafted pairs will be donated to L’Ecole Democratique de Paris (EDP), a local Parisian collective by Tétier and where everyone, regardless of age, is considered as fully over his or her existence and able to learn independently. L’Ecole Democratique is an alternative associative school open since 2016 and welcomes children from 5 to 18 years old.

The New Collection is launching on 12th December 2022 at

You can purchase the New Collection from 13th December 2022 at

For the live auction of ASICS from Wednesday 14th December 2022 at 8pm until Thursday 15th of December 2022 at 8pm, visit–asics-crafts-for-mind-by-florence-tetier?refurl=vente-caritative–asics-crafts-for-mind-by-florence-tetier

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