Coming home to TV31100…

By Jo Phillips

TV31100 is the postcode for Treviso, and as well as being  the home of internationally renowned Italian fashion brand Benetton , it can boast being the origin of Prosecco.  So what, you ask, makes this postcode worth a post here (excuse the pun!)?  Well, it’s actually the name of a brand new jumper from the Italian giants Benetton. Not any jumper but a technically advanced piece of knitwear which heralds the return to the headquarters for production, manufacturing and distribution but also begins a new journey for the brand with revolutionary Whole Garment Technology, something the company tells us they will keep on developing.


The company has decided to pay homage to its very first pullover and so has reallocated 36 knitting machines to its Treviso headquarters to manufacture a totally Made in Italy product “in house”.   The men’s and women’s jumper comes with a range of almost Benetton core brand colours including black, green, brick red, blue, purple and yellow; yellow being the colour of the first ever Benetton jumper.


As yet, although a few designer brands have already created seamless knitwear (basically the knitwear equivalent of 3d printing), until now no entry level brands have worked with this type of technology and bought it to the high street,  alongside this, part of the impressive Benetton pledge is to ensure the TV31100 jumper comes in under 80€.


Another key element the design team were able to really maximise is the fit of the jumper; something the brand is well known for.  It is designed for extra comfort and ease as the lack of seams creates for a more comfortable wearing experience. The yarn mix gives another level of warm yet cool versatility being 90% merino and 10% cashmere, which also makes for the practicality of a machine washable garment.

Manufactured with revolutionary Whole Garment Technology, a knitting technique that also eliminates yarn wastage with a reduced environmental impact, is interestingly made from one single length of yarn. This announcement made yesterday at their Treviso  home and marks a big step forward and the dawn of a new age for the brand.

 Limited edition available from November at key Benetton stores.

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