Cover: Protect your skin from the sun with these cover ups

By Jo Phillips

Here at the .Cent office, we’re very much looking forward to a few months of vitamin d infusion and warmth now that the Sun appears to have finally got his shine on.  Obviously we want you to all enjoy the sun, but remember to do it safely – ie apply sunscreen a good 15 minutes before you’re actually in the sunshine – with an SPF.
Below we’d like to introduce you to a whole host of lovely new sun-care cover ups in a range of SPF levels to tackle all skin-types and keep your delicate dermis protected while you tan.
cent - suncare - skinceuticalsThis broad spectrum sunscreen from SkinCeuticals features their Z-Cote® transparent zinc oxide to help protect skin from UVA rays as well as a hefty dose of SPF (50) to prevent sunburn and damage caused by UVB radiation.


Cent - Simple-suncareSimple – Sun Sensitive Protecting lotion SPF15.  Known for their lack of chemical use and keeping it “simple” in their ingredients; this budget buy is an easy to apply, lightweight lotion that dries into the skin instantly.  It smells pretty lush too!

cent - suncare - LancerThe Sheer Fluid Sun Shield from Lancer  has an SPF of 30 and some pretty hard-working skin technology such as the inclusion of Gamay grape stem cells to help protect skin against UV stress and fight photo-aging, as well as Lancer’s DNA Repair Complex which handles UV-caused free radicals, reducing redness and inflammation. Buy it here.

Cent - suncare - muradThis oil-free sunscreen from  Murad  gives you a matte finish whilst still protecting the skin.  It also has the infamous Murasol technology we told you about a few months ago, as well as extracts of pomegranate to protect from free radicals, and sodium PCA which helps to hydrate you. Buy it here.

P20  is pretty much a go to for all sensitive souls, little ones and for those in the know.  Apply it all over just the once and it’ll give you around 10 hours of sunscreen protection.  If you’re out in the sun longer than that, check you’re not really a lizard… Buy it here.

Cent - suncare - P20


cent - esthederm - suncare

Luxe brand Institut Esthederm always has a great range of sunscreens to choose from and this year we’ve fallen for the Adaptasun range.  The collection also has the UV Incellium filter amongst its other patents, and works on all levels of the pigmentation process: induction, synthesis and distribution of melanin.   In less scientific speak this means that your skin has an increased level of natural protection and is better prepared for sunshine and the skin tans faster without the risk of sunburn.

Cent - suncare - Lancaster

This clever cream and stick formula multi-tasker from Lancaster protects against uva and uvb rays with an SPF of 30. And, it’s water and sweat resistant….!  Talk about working hard while you soak up the sun.  Result.

Cent - Sunday RileyLast, but no means least is the indulgent sounding advanced sun defense cream from Sunday Riley.  Indulgent because it includes cashmere protein as well as energising ginseng and healthy wheatgrass ingredients.  It also looks pretty nice on that bathroom shelf and your beach bag.  Clear indicators of a sensible shopper I am well aware…

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