Create Your Own Scent

By Natasha Nitturkar

“ Perfume is like a new dress, it makes you quite simply marvelous” – said Estée Lauder.  Derived from the Latin word ‘ Per Fumus’ meaning ‘through smoke’, perfume today is much more than a scented mixture. Just like adding bags and shoes to your outfit can elevate what you look like, perfume is a fashion accessory used to express one’s personal tastes and style. Creating your own scent takes this one stage further. 

Ancient Perfumes

The art of perfume making is not a recent phenomenon. Before it became a staple in the fashion industry, perfume was traditionally used to distinguish nobility.

In many cultures, only the upper classes had access to perfumed products, as they were expensive and hard to come by. Ancient civilizations often turned fragrant materials into balms in order to use in religious ceremonies or to anoint their bodies.

The history of perfume-making found in Babylonian Mesopotamia.

Perfume is like an invisible part of a person’s style and tends to influence how those around us comprehend us. It is therefore crucial to understand the different kinds of scent that are available and which ones help to enhance our styles. One good way to create your own unique scent is to try layering your perfumes. 

What is Fragrance Layering? 

Originally developed in the Middle East, fragrance layering is a technique that involves combining several fragrant products or perfumes at the same time. Imagine putting on different layers of clothing or various icings on a cake. Each layer brings something special and distinct to the ensemble, making it unique. 

This technique helps in creating your own bespoke scents by simply combining two different perfumes on top of one another without spending a fortune – An ideal way for fragrance fans who love to experiment. Although the process of layering might not be a new one for perfume connoisseurs, it is trend that is in vogue.

Take D.S. & Durga for instance. The Brooklyn based perfume brand latest launch ‘Crystil Pistil’ is a transparent fragrance masterpiece by perfumer David Moltz.

Inspired by the floral water sprinkled streets of Morocco, the scent is made from transparent orange blossom water, crystalline flower parts and dew. Created as an enhancer, this uplifting scent can be easily added on top of any existing fragrance or simply rock it solo.

D.S & Durga believe that, ‘ A great scent is a world you can return to over and over – a keyhole into another realm ’. The Orange Blossom water in the Crystil Pistil is shockingly inviting to the senses and has a similar effect to the smell of fresh-baked bread.

David wanted to make a soft crystalline perfume that highlighted the humid parts inside of a flower. Combining his muse of orange water sprinkled in the back markets of Morocco and his skills as a perfumer, the brand brings to life the fresh and gloriously humid flower note in all its long-lasting crystal glory.

The perfume has top notes of orange flower water, dew-on-petals, pink pepper along with based notes of civetone, white musks, ambrette seeds. Available in 50ml and 100ml.  

Your sense of smell can influence your life much more than you may know. Smell is the most sensitive of the senses. Fragrances therefore not only enhance your appearance but also play a key role in uplifting your mood. 

Fragrance can be powerful and extremely reminiscent of memories and feelings from a specific time of life. Like the scent that accompanied you through your teenage years or the first bottle you brought from your paycheck. 

Layering perfumes and creating your own personal scent can also be used to make intimate moments like a wedding or home décor really special. A good fragrance can provide a personal flourish not just to your beauty routine but also your life. 

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