The Seasons Of Perfumes

By Chloe Mercier-Legros

Perfumes are artworks, capable of capturing the essence of fleeting moments. Just as nature’s seasons transform the world around us, perfumes possess the remarkable ability to capture the unique spirit and ambience of each season. From the fresh air of spring to the sun-kissed warmth of summer, the charged air of autumn, and the frozen scenery of winter, here is a scented year-long journey through nature’s rhythms. Find out more in The Seasons Of Perfumes

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The journey starts in the summer. In one spray, Isola Blu by Roja Dove takes you to an idyllic oasis, a paradisiacal island surrounded by the bluest sea. It transports you to a place where summer days are devoted to self-care and inspiration drawn from the captivating Mediterranean coast. These holiday are spent visiting the picturesque villages, or sunbathing, languid, admiring the perfection with which the sky and the sea blend in the horizon. It calls to mind a sense of profound relaxation and peaceful meditation. The scent starts to unleash its powers with vibrant top notes of Lemon and Lavender. The heart notes of blackcurrant, Jasmine, and Lily intertwine harmoniously, infusing the fragrance with deeper nuances. Delicate floral notes give an elegant touch, while the base notes of amber, patchouli, and vanilla create an aura of luxurious warmth, tranquillity, and sheer bliss. Isola Blu is a quiet and pure scent, that encapsulates the essence of a dreamy, light and opulent summer experience.

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But summer isn’t just about experience, it’s also a feeling. The sun caresses the bodies, drops of fresh water dripping down strings of hair along bronzed backs… Lust for Sun by Juliette Has a Gun is a celebration of this vibrant and carefree spirit. It calls to mind a sense of found again youth, and afternoon spent playfully splashing water around the pool, testing out flirty catchphrases, and drinking fruity cocktails. The fragrance opens with a burst of juicy citrus fruits. As the scent unfolds, floral notes of Jasmine and Tiare Flower Bloom evoke a tropical paradise. Warm and sensual base notes of Coconut and Vanilla add sensuality, mirroring the sun-kissed glow of summer skin. Lust for Sun embodies a pleasantly hot and heavy summer, capturing its joy, freedom, and irresistible allure. 

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Contrastingly, winter is a season both intimate and personal, that touches each of us uniquely. Tory Burch’s fragrance collection, The Essence of Dreams, offers a scented reset, an invitation to shape the person we aspire to become as winter melts into spring. Among this collection, the concept of layered fragrances opens infinite possibilities.

The collection has five fragrances. Cosmic Wood, the first, captures the essence of enchantment. It paints a world of vibrant possibilities, like the light daydreaming that happens in December’s covers. With a blend of Spicy Cardamom, Jasmine, and Vetiver, its warm base dances upon Smoky Woods, Patchouli, and Sage, flawlessly grounding the fragrance.

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Divine Moon, on the other hand, embodies tranquillity. It unfolds as an intoxicating fusion of Lady of the Night Flower and Honey, evoking a feeling both distinct and comforting. Like a comforting cup of tea, Divine Moon offers solace and transports one’s senses to a state of peace.

The unpredictability of winter shines through Electric Sky. Vibrant and true, it calls to mind the energy that follows a winter storm, with an unexpected symphony of Lavender, and wood. It encapsulates the beautiful and often misunderstood nature of winter—not only surviving but thriving under the harshest of temperatures. Saltwater infuses the fragrance with a revitalizing and invigorating touch.

Mystic Geranium, serene and idyllic, calls to mind images of frozen landscapes. Fresh bergamot and aromatic geranium intermingle, while warm notes of cedarwood emanate a soothing calm. Like an icy scenery, Mystic Geranium offers a moment of tranquillity amidst the winter’s chill.

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Finally, Sublime Rose serves as a poignant reminder of what lies ahead—the blossoming of love and nature. It intertwines classic Rose with a hint of Blackcurrant and a subtle Woody undertone, while delicate notes of Freesia delicately accentuate the heart of the fragrance, leaving an impression of soft elegance.

Within this collection, Tory Burch’s fragrances invite us to embark on a journey where the essence of winter is distilled into scented harmonies. Layered or worn alone, they evoke the multifaceted nature of winter, guiding us towards a newfound sense of self.

Rhizome is a down to earth, quality-oriented perfumes house. They created a world of distinctive scents that tell captivating stories. With an artisanal approach and a focus on quality ingredients, each fragrance is a unique narrative that awakens the senses

Rhizome’s 01, like the gentle arrival of spring, emerges with a freshness that envelops the senses. It unfolds delicately, similar to a flower blossoming. The fragrance draws inspiration from two distinct influences: the clarity of Incense and Patchouli, harmoniously intertwined with touches of Cumin and Nutmeg. Within its composition, an animalistic and raw quality adds depth to its character. Rhizome’s 01 captures the essence of spring, offering a hypnotising scent with its lightness and tender charm.

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Fall is the most transformative of seasons. Rhizome’s Desert Dusk echoes to this spirit, embracing its contrasts. The fragrance opens with an explosion of warmth and inviting notes, calling to mind memories of summer. Then, Bergamot, Clary Sage, and Eucalyptus intertwine, creating a harmonious blend that evokes the cosy, spicy ambience of autumn. As the scent evolves,  Gardenia and Patchouli come through, adding depth and freshness. The base notes of Amber, Pepper, Sandalwood, and Vetiver bring a touch of earth. Warm and fresh, Desert Dusk captures perfectly the essence of the transformative season that is fall.

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These perfumes have the enchanting ability to capture the essence of seasons. They embody the very different facets that shape the year, through carefully selected notes and accords. The fragrances become portals, transporting us to the landscapes and emotions associated with each season, encapsulating the spirit of nature’s ever-changing rhythms in a single exquisite bottle.

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