Creating and Crafting; Leather Now In a Glorious Blaze of Bubbles

By Iris Farmer

Everyone has a favourite street. Whether it’s the atmosphere or the look of the buildings, perhaps it’s a place lined with flowers, wafting a hypnotizing scent, drawing you in; a road that gives you a spark of passion, a way that sets you alight. When walking past, you’re instantly filled with longing and desire to have a reason to be there. Own a shop on that street where you can make something so personal to you, in a place that means just as much. It’s an exchange of sorts, where one can give the gift of their craft back to the place that inspires them. Read More in Creating and Crafting; Leather Now In a Glorious Blaze of Bubbles

The founder of Tissa Fontaneda, herself, got lucky enough to be able to return to her own special street with the opening of her new and first permanent shop on Motcomb Street in London.

It is true that no one will be able to understand your brand like you do, when Tissa would visit other shops that sold her bags, it was tough to hold back from rearranging the displays. There was nothing wrong with them exactly, but they just weren’t executed in Tissa’s vision.

Fast-forward a few years, and not only did her dream come true at the opening of her store on October 19th, 2023, but she took it one step further. Now offering the very first Tissa Fontaneda ready-to-wear line, which is only available in-store, alongside her famous bubble leather handbags which are available in-store and online.

These bags are what started Tissa’s brand. Coming from a background of working with Loewe, a luxury Spanish leather designer. Tissa is an expert when it comes to leather. She initially worked with the factory to create a unique bubble style that only she can use. She is hands-on throughout the process from sourcing the leather; which gets a second use as it normally would be a discarded by-product; to getting the colours just right, all the way down to the designs. There is no exception for her new clothing line, as she has dedicated herself in the same way to emulate the same luxury within the clothes.

The clothing echoes the distinctive bubble designs seen on her signature bags, with the design turned into a pattern rather than a texture. Many luxury brands start out as luggage or handbag designers, and once they venture onto clothing that history is disconnected, with no homage from where they started. With Tissa’s clothes, you will see the unique designs gracing the collar, and sleeves in a subtle but bold way.

“I don’t talk about if it’s beautiful or not, it’s just different” Tissa Fontaneda

These clothes were created as fuel to let women feel elegant and feminine, magnifying the power that comes with the feminine form. The not-so-quiet elegance that these garments and the bags provide is one of a kind. Something that makes this brand so unique is the rarity, these products are not available at any department store or airport, to get the item and all that comes with it, you must shop the experience.

Shop Tissa Fontaneda bags at, and for the new clothing line take a trip to their new store Tissa Fontaneda London, located on Motcomb Street in London. If you can’t make it to London, keep an eye out for their next store opening in Madrid soon!

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