Crystal Smile

By Steph Jones

Coffee stained, chemically stripped or a crystal smile the choice is yours, with the vVARDIS whitening collection you don’t have to sacrifice health for vanity, you can feel safe with your smile. There are so many products on the market claiming to give you a flashing white set of gnashers from, bleach and dental strips to sci-fi Esque, blue-glowing, mouth shields, all of which have been proven to damage our oral health. vVARDIS is a simple solution balancing holistic medicine with science to deliver a product that not only whitens but strengthens your teeth.

The swiss sisters, Haleh and Golnar Abivardi have worked together over the last 25 years combining holistic and science-based medicine to form dental products which produce results, without damaging the body and planet. Aiming initially to remove the fear and apprehension surrounding dental work they set up a pediatric clinic with a beautifully calming design, making the experience as stress-free as possible. This attention to detail and origin in plant and herb-based medicines has transferred into the vVARDIS brand with their minimal chic packaging, sustainable ingredients and production methods.

The whitening collection includes four of their essential products which they recommend are used together for healthier whiter teeth. A Rheinholz toothbrush, made with sustainably sourced Swiss beechwood which is designed to minimize gum and enamel damage. Their Edelweiss anti-cavity whitening toothpaste, Weissbad mouthwash, and Aletsch instant whitening gel-serum with their unique WX formula.

The patented WX formula used in all vVARDIS products works to strengthen, remineralize, repair and whiten your teeth. The formula has natural mineral crystals which capture and reflect the light giving your smile a natural glow and also stopping initial tooth decay.

Sophisticated and clean, The vVARDIS collection with ani-cavity protection and a healthy whitening formula is safe for children age 6 and up, motivating users to take care of their oral health and protect it for years to come.

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