Days of Denim Dreaming

By Jo Phillips

The days of denim dreaming have far changed in the present time. The classic denim staple has been revamped and has now been creatively used in more fabric than just clothes…

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FABRIC… Fabric means many different things to different people. To one person it could mean simply the comfort of looking and feeling fabulous. But to others it is an expression of the human spirit- a form of true and pure art. Art is indeed a necessity in the world and to the people that sustain. Fabric trends seem to change as much as the wind changes direction. But one trend which is simply beautiful and that never goes out of style is DENIM! An absolute classic!

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How times have changed! Denim is not only restricted to jeans and jackets; it’s in every incarnation possible. And creating this movement is JAB Anstoetz, who has just launched its new ‘Denim Loft’ fabric collection. An utterly new territory and concept for this brand, the collection uses methods such as distressing, washing and bleaching to mimic the look achieved from a well-worn pair of jeans.

JAB Anstoetz Furniture has created a name for itself as the quality leader in the upholstered furniture field. It has three elements of Residence, Tailor Made and Loft, and is able to supply individuals with a broad range of varied and individualist styles.

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This beautiful original collection by JAB Anstoetz Furniture is right on time for Design week. And of course, .cent is a full on supporter of the denim fabric, shown here.

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There is no denying that we are in the midst of an exceptionally adventurous and exciting denim moment. Whatever day it is, whatever mood you are in, there is always time for denim. And you can even decorate your home perfectly with it.

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