Dense: Making Movies Mega

By Angelina Puschkarski

Watch movies from your smartphone now on a big screen with the smartphone projector. Fire out films in seconds and feel the vibes of old movies, as the sharp and snazzy design reflects retro black and white.

Enjoy a great movie night with your mates and watch films in a flick, just switch the smart screen for the wide wall.  This is the modern film reel which steals your attention, a grand gadget, gift, and perfect film delivery device for all movie makers and lovers.

Screen shot 2014-07-24 at 11.36.07
The projector includes a 10x magnifying lens and grip for your phone. The only thing to do is to attach your smart phone (any smartphone) and away you go. Sleek in style, clever and compact, and portable.

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Available from for £15.95

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