Derma’s Beautification

By Pamela Oladipupo

Our derma, dependent on the animate yet with a life of its own, provides comfort, protection and pride. A multifaceted being that creates first contact, sometimes speaking of race, identity, and culture even before we open our mouths. Our skin, our pride. Perceived as superficial, but just as flowers pride in their petals and peacocks in their feathers; each swaying, drinking up nature’s offering or utilizing several things to blossom and put on a display for all to witness their beauty, so also do we dress up our skin in its very best to celebrate our beauty. This celebration birthed beauty products and defined social standards for these products. Sporadically, standards become redefined by the disruption of existing norms and presently, Dcypher is leading a disruptive crusade on Derma’s beautification. Find out more on Derma‘s beautification Here

The skin specifically the face is both a source of vulnerability and pride. Like a painter needs a canvas to express himself, we use our skin as a canvas to display what we feel within, who we are or who we want to be and the foundation becomes the base for our story or art.

Although makeup is touted as a form of self-expression, it isn’t if everyone wears the same style of makeup” –


The excerpt sufficiently captures the dilemma of the beauty industry which compels conformity to generalised products and even application patterns. While brands have sought to cater to individual foundation needs, they have stayed within the boundaries of grouping skin concerns and multiplying foundation shades. Users thus make the heavy decision of choosing which concern to address and which to forfeit, leaving behind dissatisfaction, wastage by the continuous hunt for products, and conceivably, loss of self.

The state of our beauty affects much more than the skin, penetrating deeply into the psyche and influencing our sense of belonging, confidence and even sex appeal. Dcypher, a makeup company observed this budding discontent and pushed a campaign for individuality in face makeup.

Founded by Adam and Claire Triantis, Dcypher perfects a blend of science and social science. It combines engineering, chemistry, biology, and consumer behaviour to a summarized cohesion of technologically personalized beauty.

Established on the ethos of personalization, Dcypher creates foundations specially personalized to serve individuals not by producing foundations by grouping concerns but by producing individual foundations for each user. Similar to Bespoke and made-to-measure clothes and shoes which involve sewing solely to your body contours, Dcypher is a customized and couture “mixed to measure” company.

Rather than offer off-the-counter products, its AI technology advances a sample to the user based on calculations of all tones and nuances through facial scans and structured questions.

The AI creates a unique code that then produces the mix of foundations ensuring a correction of photo lighting and several scanning procedures for accuracy. With Dcypher, the only similarity between its face makeup is its bottling. Products undergo several tailoring until the attainment of customer satisfaction thus steeping each in uniqueness. This customization allows for more or less, ingredients based on needs.

Dcypher currently offers two mix-to-measure products; Custom Foundation and Custom High-Pigment Drops. The Custom Foundation is a mix to measure foundation personalized by coverage, moisturization and finish. Its plant-based Glycerin and tailored mix of four mineral pigments (Black, White, Yellow and Red), deliver flawless long-lasting finish and optimal hydration. The Custom High-Pigment Drop serves as a multitasking skin-tone unique modification used as a tint when added to a moisturizer or as a foundation enhancer.

Dcypher’s insight extends past the needs of direct beauty buyers to third parties constrained from gifting beauty products due to uncertainty in terms of colour and fit of the recipient. The creation of gift cards permits accurate gifting of face makeup as both parties can gift and receive the correct products.

While we recognize social standards and seek their change, we may be limited by our inability within a field to create changes or improvements. We however remain comforted that people like Adam and Clair Triantis and companies like Dcypher continuously watch over us, utilizing all resources to ensure we can join all of the earth in the dance of displaying our unique beauties.

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