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By Keny Kakadia

“Flowers always make people better, happier, and more helpful; they are sunshine, food, and medicine to the soul.” —Luther Burbank. In our fast progressing world, people, it seems, are totally engaged in gadgets and gizmos. We may have forgotten to take a moment and enjoy the natural life surrounding us; appreciating the beauty of nature, the bright blue wonder that is the open sky. Our natural world is not only visually pleasing but it is also a life essence and a fragrance giver that both heals and soothes us. Read about Power Flower fragrance here. Image karin Benrdl.Com

Think of beautiful fresh smelling flowers like roses, jasmine, lavender, and many more. Walking on wet grass and breathing in its zingy freshness and the warming fragrance of dense woods all of which can have such a positive impact on our emotional health and well-being.

The very essence of natural ingredients can work to wonders towards eliminating depression or anxiety and have strong healing properties for some health conditions as well. For thousands of years people have been aware of the powers of nature, flowers were known to spread happiness through their beauty, their scent, and have had a huge importance in ceremonial and religious services.

diptyque is a scent company that works with a myriad of flowers and natural ingredients across its range from perfumes via candles all the way to body and face care and home items. Foundered in 1961 by three creatives Yves Coueslant, Desmond Knox-Leet, and Christiane Gautro, it opened its first exclusive store opening on Boulevard St.Germain in Paris, even going so far as create a fragrance named after the store

Initially, they offered home furnishings and manufactured printed fabrics even imported scents from England. Later on, they added scented candles which turned into a huge success. Then, they added fragrances followed by body and face care. All tied together within their striking visual identity and beautiful scent collections.

As a truly trailblazing company, they have always worked towards dynamic innovations for both body and home fragrance. The newest piece of wonderful design is a diptyque travel-friendly perfume holder.

The creators at diptyque always used trips abroad as inspiration for the fragrances line, and this is no different as they have used four emblematic scents of the Maison celebrating key ingredient from Floral and Forna:-

Do Son (Floral)The sea breeze carried with it the intoxicating and spicy scent of tuberose, orange blossom alongside jasmine. 

Philosykos (woody) is an ode to the entire fig tree: the green freshness of the leaves, the milky flavour of the figs, the density of the white wood.

Eau Rose (Floral) Pick up the petals of a rose, add its green leaves, its stem, and don’t forget its buds. Immerse in clear water and wait to reveal its rosy delicateness, fruity accents and acidulated green notes… Eau Rose is composed like an infusion of the finest Damascene and Centifolia roses.

Eau des Sens(Floral) brings together all the dimensions of the bitter orange tree, its branches, leaves and fruit. It caresses the skin and makes your mouth water like an indulgent treat, awakening you with its freshness.

As for the design of the bottle, it was also linked to travel as the team got a spark of inspiration from vintage notice boards, the type used at airports and train stations.

The hand-sized perfume flask is a unique customisation puzzle in order for customers to personalise their own bottles. It comes in a complete mini kit that contains the travel spray, a selection of letters with a travel pouch. There is also a smart feature as the bottle is refillable ensuring less waste and easy reuse for customers.

Furthermore, diptyque expanded its hand care range. Already present is the Softening hand wash which has a mild, soothing, and sweet almond essence to it scent. It contains pure lavender water, honey and rosemary floral water. All the elements included have great properties, for example, the lavender water comforts purifies and repairs whilst the rosemary water leaves your hands healthy balanced and the honey helps to moisturise the skin.

There is also the Velvet Hand lotion . This lotion is very lightweight and feels like air but still, the lotion nourishes and protects our hands and comforts them. It includes lots of healing and caring natural products for example the immortelle floral water which is recognised for its regenerating and anti-free radical properties, that repairs and protects the hands. Or the roman chamomile floral water which soothes and softens the skin. The added sesame oil, an antioxidant-rich in fatty acids, moisturizes and restructures the skin, making it extra supple.

Excitingly they have now just added an exfoliating hand wash to this of hand care range

This  Exfoliating hand wash is refreshing and exotic as it contains a unique combination of fragrances. An aromatic garden with green, floral, and woody fragrances it is foaming and cleansing. As diptyque wants to provide complete sustainable products they scrub is created using olive stones as an exfoliating agent instead of the plastic beads. The olive stones have the added benefit of leaving a soft, purified and cleansed feel on your  hand.

Whether it is perfumes, candles or hand care range diptyque believes in creating magic by keeping in tune with nature as a central part of its DNA . Remaining connected to their roots, they keep their products free from harmful chemicals such as phthalates, parabens, TED/DEA, silicones, aluminium, mineral oils, synthetic colours and sulphates. In keeping with a brand that owes much to nature they have backed this up by making the perfume bottle refillable and the hand care glass decorative bottle are reusable. For the pure astatic and love for the beauty of nature, diptyque evolved and innovated a combination of product which not only celebrates nature but helps to save nature.


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