Dry January

By Jo Phillips

After extensive festive indulgences, endless fun and frolic, and obviously lovely food and drinks, the first day of the new year makes us believe that life isn’t a Christmas movie. The first of January feels like we have all descended back to the Earth to face the reality after prolonged days of leisure and celebration. Well, the new year also stands as a reminder that it’s time to embrace another new chapter of life with good health and happiness. Admits the festivities we all can be a little care-free and overdo ourselves when it comes to relishing the delicacies and drinking, but as the new year begins it’s time to be mindful and get back to a healthy regime.

And what best other way to detox yourself is by cutting down on your booze and replacing it with an exciting range of premium non-alcoholic spirits called CleanCo. It tastes like the real thing across gin, rum, tequila, vodka and whiskey, allowing you to revel the flavours of an alcohol-free alternative without compromising on taste or social interaction.

This premium spirit comes in a beautiful coloured glass bottle across the following range:

Clean G Non-Alcoholic Gin Alternative –  like London Dry Gin, but without the alcohol. Complex yet smooth, with citrus, spicy and herbaceous notes. Made from a blend of the finest gin distillates using real juniper as the protagonist. 

Clean G Pink Non-Alcoholic Gin Alternative –  like Pink Gin, but without the alcohol. Celebrating the classic flavours of pink peppercorn and a kick of juniper, with the punchiness of bright strawberry and sweet raspberry.

Clean G Rhubarb Non-Alcoholic Gin Alternative –  like Rhubarb Gin, but without the alcohol. Celebrating the classic flavours of juniper and citrus, with punchy rhubarb and undertones of coriander, mint and cinnamon. 

Clean T Non-Alcoholic Agave Spirit –  like Blanco Tequila, but without the alcohol. Oak and light olive aromas are underpinned by flavours of soft fresh green agave and sweet melon with a classic, peppery, dry finish.

Clean R Non-Alcoholic Rum Alternative –  like Caribbean Rum, but without the alcohol. Celebrating big flavours from warming spice to golden caramel and cayenne pepper, blended in our unique way for a taste that packs a punch.

Clean W Non-Alcoholic Whiskey Alternative –  like Bourbon Whiskey, but without the alcohol. A characteristic Bourbon nose with classic notes, oak and sweet vanilla, underpinned by rich spice, apple and figs, with a smooth finish.

Its time to grab yourself a bottle of CleanCo from your nearest Waitrose, Ocado, Sainsbury’s and Morrisons. To know more visit here.

Wishing you and your loved ones a very Happy 2023, may the best find its way to you this year. Best wishes from everyone at .Cent.

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