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By Adlin Pinto

After a wonderful season, however challenging, this year’s Christmas break is over and now we are back to reality with a bump. January worse now in a new lockdown for those in the UK, reminds us again of the real situations we have to deal with daily. Life can be stressful, we have all experienced struggling with day to day issues in some form or another, whether for a short or long period of time. This stress and tension stemming from unavoidable everyday life situations. Studies show that when you’re stressed, your body’s defense mechanism kicks in, releasing stress hormones that can affect your mental and physical wellbeing including the health of your hair, skin, and body. Read more about Easier Living here.

There are ways to help with stress from exercise to diet but what about a little external help, something that is a little easier than a whole load of changes in routine.

This Works the brand that helped us all sleep better has bought out a new collection to help us when life feels a little overhwelming. The new Stress Check range has been designed to take you through your day providing you with comfort and resilience as and when you need it.

The Stress Check range is specifically designed to help you find simple and effective ways to overcome mental and physical stressors throughout your day a Super blend that includes a 100% natural mood-soothing functional fragrance and targeted nourishing and restoring actives such as Hemp-derived pure CBD Isolate to help protect and nourish the skin’s natural moisture barrier, leaving skin comforted, balanced and more resilient to stress.

Stress Check Sanitise

Clean Hands– Protect, clean and nourish hands between washes with this 98% natural formulation whilst helping to relieve feelings of tension and anxiety with our pure essential oil blend. Fragranced with calming Lavender, Neroli and Camomile essential oils the scent has a soothing effect on the sense helping to combat stress and anxiety throughout your day.

Hair Shield– Mist over hair to protect it from the environment and regain a sense of calm. This shield provides sanitising protection, simultaneously affording you peace of mind. Antioxidants Vitamins E and B2 repair damage from UV and heat. The calming Ylang Ylang, Neroli and Camomile fragrance helps counter daily stress triggers minimising daytime anxieties and a sense of wellbeing is sustained.

Hand Shield– Cleanse and hydrate hands without the need for water and in between washes thanks to this fast-drying and instantly sanitising spray that’s kind to dry hands and leaves no strong smell of Alcohol. The 100% natural fragrance of Lavender, Neroli and Patchouli checks the stress reponses soothing worries and anxieties as you massage it into your hands.

Functional Fragrance

Mood Manager– Spray this mood balancing fragrance over yourself or your environment during times of stress or pressure. Mist over clothes, furnishings, bed linens, even skin to help keep stress responses down and your mind clear and positive. An innovative delivery system allows the functional fragrance of Ylang Ylang, Neroli and Patchouli essential
oils to be gradually released throughout about your day.

Breathe out– Manage feelings of stress and pressure wherever you are. As soon as you feel your stress levels rising, reach for this portable roll on blend of 100% natural essential oils and apply to pulse points, breathing deeply, letting the shoulders and jaw relax. Superblend of Neroli, Ylang Ylang and Lavender helps relieve mental stress and anxieties while Coconut oil restores moisture to the skin, nourishing and softening.

Technical Skincare + CBD

CBD skin booster + Cica Extract– Formulated to
help strengthen the skin’s natural moisture barrier this powerful bi-phase booster helps make skin more resilient to stressful environments while its functional fragrance, promotes a sense of wellbeing. Hemp-derived CBD isolate soothes and helps maintain skin balance. Antioxidant-rich Cica
Extract revitalises the skin, helping maintain the skin’s moisture barrier while Hyaluronic Acid helps skin retain moisture to restore its natural glow.

CBD face shield– A hands-free, instantly refreshing way to protect your skin under duress. Before attaching your facemask and after
applying your daily skincare, mist the desired area of your face with this ultra hydrating, lightweight shield to counter the irritation, blemishes and redness caused by wearing face coverings such as PPE. A moisturising Superblend containing hero botanical Agastache Mexicana Flower, which moisturises the skin and helps to fight against the negative effects caused by environmental and physical stress such as skin inflammation and redness.

CBD lip mask– Hydrate and protect dry, chapped lips throughout the day, especially when wearing a protective face mask, with a layer of this instantly comforting and 100% natural lip treatment. synthesis. Sweet Almond Oil repairs damage from nervous lip biting and aggravation caused by face mask wearing, with the inclusion of CBD helping provide balance.

Lifestyle Skincare + CBD

CBD body cocoon– Massage into limbs each day after washing to restore instant comfort to dry and over-washed skin. The smoothing
formula contains a blend of botanical oils to maintain the skin’s moisture barrier. Natural Stress-relieving fragrance of Neroli, Ylang Ylang, and Lavender essential oils will check anxieties and help with mental wellbeing.

CBD skin polish– This polish contains both chemical and physical exfoliants to help purify and restore the skin. Lactic Acid,
which has a brightening and renewing effect on skin and Pumice, which is cleansing and purifying, combine forces to remove the build up of dirt and even skintone.

Lifestyle Skincare

Gentle wash– A 98% natural Superblend of botanical oils cleanses away impurities and pollutants without compromising the skin’s natural
moisture barrier. Aromatherapeutic Ylang Ylang, Lavender and Neroli essential oils help maintain mental balance for a calmer day.

kind hands– After each handwash, massage dry hands with this deeply moisturising hand cream to restore skin’s smooth, youthful
texture, help repair cracks and reverse the drying and irritating effects of hand sanitiser. Bio Boost works hard to restore the skin’s depleted moisture barrier and is a fusion of Ballon Vine, Echium Oil and Sunflower Oil, which delivers instant protection, maintains skin balance and counterbalances redness and irritation.

Find more information about This works here.

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