Eat Well, Live Well

By Gaurav Gujar

Why do we eat? Yes, to survive but do many of us eat to fill a void? Do we eat when we are sad or depressed or even super happy? how much do we really think about what we eat affects our minds bodies and spirits? We know to eat five a day (5 fresh fruits and veggies), but is that really the key to eating for more than just filling a hole? Find out more here in Eat Well Live, Well

Most of us have heard about Ayurveda (ai.uh.vay.duh) or Ayurvedic medicine, which is one of the oldest known holistic approaches to medicinal treatment and wellness. Originating from ancient Indian practice and is older than 3000 years. Today it is considered a complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) in the western world.

Ayurveda believes the health and wellness of any individual depends upon a delicate balance between minds, body and soul. It emphasizes diet, exercise, herbal medicines, meditation and physical therapy to cleanse and heal the body from within and cure all kinds of illnesses.

Its philosophy says that the human body is made up of five elements from nature; space, air, fire, water and earth. These elements combine to form the three life forces or energies called ‘Doshas’ that control the entire human body.
‘Vata Dosha’ – space and air – energy of movement.
‘Pitta Dosha’ – fire and water – energy of digestion and metabolism.
‘Kapha Dosha’ – water and earth – energy of lubrication and structure.

Every individual has a different balance of these three ‘Doshas’ and that is why an Ayurvedic treatment plan is specially designed for each individual to understand the balance of physical and emotional make-up of the body and primary life force.

Surprisingly, if we look at the main or most commonly used ingredients, many of us may exclaim that these ingredients are being consumed by them quite regularly in some form or other.

Turmeric – strengthens overall energy of body, improving digestion, regulating menstruation and many more.
Ashwagandha – eases pain in inflammation, treats insomnia, boots nutrition.
Hemp seeds – Protects brain, boosts heart health, reduces inflammation, relieves rheumatoid arthritis, improves skin conditions.
Ginger – joint discomfort, motion or airsickness, clears microcirculatory channels of the body.
Tulsi (holy basil) – treats kidney stones, relieves headache, fights acne, relieves fever, anti-ageing.
Cumin – used for conditions like bloating, vomiting, diarrhoea, fever and skin diseases.
Cardamom – detoxification and balancing other elements.
Aloe Vera – treats fungal infections, eczema, toxins and blood purification.
Bitter melon – considered a stimulant, tonic, stomachic, laxative.
Amla (Indian gooseberry) – immunity booster, skin brightening, blood purification, improves eyesight.

Now, imagine having the foundation of Ayurveda in your day-to-day lives via the meals you regularly consume. Wouldn’t it be great to have the health benefits in a variety of dishes and cuisines cooked by gourmet chefs especially for you, every day?

Foodhak – Longevity foods; is company which fuses the magic of Ayurveda and tasty gourmet recipes delivered to your doorstep weekly.

There are a variety of dishes and cuisines to choose from to curate a regular weekly meal plan, providing fresh meals ready to eat in three minutes.

Ayurvedic detox regime, Family-friendly vegan fiesta and weight loss plan are 3 plans that many of us may like to try and start our journey toward a healthier lifestyle.

Ayurvedic Punjabi curry powered by turmeric helps improve digestion, immune system, cholesterol, vision, skin and bones.

Mexican jackfruit and hemp chilli are dairy-free, gluten-free and vegan with all the benefits of hemp seeds.

Spirulina Thai curry has spirulina which is considered a superfood helping in iron metabolism, and improving vision and immune system as well.

Ashwagandha choco chip cookies are a twist to a classic snack loved by so many and has benefits like treating insomnia and boosting nutrition.

Burger (beetroot) patties which are vegan, gluten-free and dairy-free may always lure you to quench your burger cravings with the healthy advantages of hemp seeds.

As simple as having a meal every day, having advantages of Ayurvedic medicine and centuries-old inspiration for a healthier lifestyle; is more than filling the void of hunger or boredom but heals as you enjoy.

To know more, do check out the menu and cuisines here.

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