Embrace Your Skin

By Alliya Sophia Bouyis

In the search of our next post-lockdown glow-up, it is unsurprising that the attention has been drawn towards our wellbeing, more specifically, our skin. More and more of us are discovering the importance of taking a moment to relax, rejuvenate and reflect, asking ourselves: how should I treat my skin? The answer is simple. We must put “Care First”. What are we using on our skin? What are the right products for us? Keep reading to discover how Bioderma can help you Embrace Your Skin.

Ecobiology. A phrase coined by NOAS. A non-profit organisation internationally renowned and responsible for a cohesive structure of skincare brands, one of which is Bioderma. An innovative trailblazer in the world of skincare who places “Care First”.

Bioderma views the skin as its own ecosystem that is constantly engaging with the impending passing of time and our often complex environments. They extract the lexicon “ecosystem” and “biology” to create a positive structure to delve into the idea that there is a crucial correlation between the ecosystems of our skin (biology and physiology), of individuals (lifestyle), and of our planet (environment). Providing us with the utopian journey to exploring our delicate and potent skin.

Through embodying a hybrid approach, Bioderma is radically opposing the traditions of the cosmetic and skincare universe. Accommodating for the cultural shift in the skincare industry with a focus on natural, organic ingredients. Bioderma are exploring the possibilities of their personalised, scientific, ecobiological approach to find inspiration from the key connections between life and the skin’s natural biology. This is how they serve healthy skin.

An array of products are available by Bioderma, authentically French in both quality and design.

The first of Bioderma’s new releases is the Sebium Lotion This lotion stands out in the skincare market as it is not only a toning lotion, it also rebalances pH and moisturises skin through a triple-action formula. Their Sebium Lotion inclusivity ensures the product is perfect for rebalancing combination to oily skin, and even skin of a more sensitive nature. It guarantees to reduce blemishes, tighten pores and reduce shine. This is through the thoughtful incorporation of Zinc and Vitamin B6 to purify and regulate, refining skin texture and tightening pores with Agaric and Salicylic Acid, finishing with Glycerin as a hydrating agent moisturising the skin for 8 hours. Reinforcing Bioderma’s promise of showing your skin true care.

Bioderma also boasts a Sebium Night Peel, due to be released in May 2021, which smooths skin, ensures a reduction in imperfections, and provides skin with radiance. The Night peel utilises 15% Glycolic Acid to penetrate skin deeply, smooth skin texture, and overall enhance your complexion radiance. Bioderma’s gentle peel also uses D-panthenol to reduce toughness and improve hydration.

It is important to note that this is a 4-week treatment where one will use the peel every night for 4 weeks to gain optimum results. Bioderma stresses the importance of giving your skin time to exist in its serenity by giving it 4 weeks to breathe, in-between treatments, if you continue it’s use. Sebium Night Peel should also only be used at night as recommended by expert dermatologists due to the ingredient’s potential reaction to daylight, triggering brown spots. The treatment provides a purely tranquil experience with antioxidants, aiming to keep skin soft and pores clear.

Bioderma’s prerogative with these exciting new products is to resolve skin imbalances, to restore natural functions. This is through allowing skin to have the capacity to adapt to its environment, as well as draw on its own resources. They are the skincare movement who guide individuals to achieve the skincare utopia we all desire.

You can find out more about Bioderma’s Ecobiological approach here.

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