Mother Skin

By Cindy Seda Yildiz

Mother earth has a lot to offer and a lot of resources that sometimes are being used for our well-being. Going from vital air, water and soil, to plants, oils and herbs, there is a lot to work with. All of those things that our planet provides are vital for us to live and prosper. However, the raw materials from mother earth can be used in another way such as skincare. Mother skin. 

Skincare is defined by many dictionaries as things that you do and uses to keep your skin healthy and attractive. Nonetheless, it is so much more than that, skincare is an experience, a moment where you treat yourself, take care of yourself. It is called skincare for a reason, your skin and yourself deserve that special moment, that experience where you reconnect with your skin. A brand that combined both the benefits of skincare and the raw materials that earth has to offer is L’Abu Skin. 

L’Abu Skin is a brand created by a mother and a daughter, both of them were inspired by the product grown in the family vineyard in southern Italy and the qualities that fresh fruit, vegetables and natural oils bring to our skin. They decided to launch a skincare brand designed and priced for everyday used. 

“We don’t believe you should pay a premier for perfect skin”

The ingredients used by this brand are natural plant oils, butter, waxes, fruit and herbal extracts, all from mother earth, as well as beneficial molecules such as vitamin E, hyaluronic acid, co-enzyme Q10, vitamin C and retinol.

What’s more, the brand is against animal testing, suitable for vegans, paragon and sulphate free, handcrafted in the United Kingdom and all of their products are clinics graded. Different range of products is available such as cleanser, serum or even moisturiser and what’s even more exciting there is a step-by-step guide for a proper skincare routine.

The first step will be an oat milk cleanser for day and night use, it removes first and makeup quite easily, it is clean, fresh and gentle. This product contains mainly jojoba oil, organic aloe vera leaf extract, fig extract, green pea extract, rice milk and oat milk.

Then, a step that needs to be done from one to three times a week, a pore refining scrub, it aims to fight spots, close pores and leaves your face soft and supple. This scrub is made with japan cherry, thyme oil, lychee extract, bacuri butter, quinoa extract and oat milk.

Next step will be a serum targeting cell renewal & collagen for day and night use, this anti-ageing face serum will tackle fines lines, brighten your complexion and leaves your skin super soft and hydrated. The principal ingredients for this serum are grape seed oil, organic passion fruit extract, organic green tea, organic blueberry extract, hyaluronic acid and vitamin A.

Afterwards, for people concerned about wrinkles and fines lines, a retinol face oil can be used at night before going to bed. This super-light oil will not only moistures your skin but also help you reduce the signs of time. The major ingredients for this one are grape seed oil, rosehip oil, olive squalene, turmeric root extract, vitamin E and co-enzyme Q10.

Almost at the end of the routine comes a moisturiser, L’Abu Skin proposes two different moisturisers, hydra face lotion for day use and anti-aging face moisturiser for night use. The first one will leave a super toned and plumb skin ready for all day, the ingredients will enhance the skin overall appearance and protect the skin’s elastin and collagen. The second one will nourish your skin whilst you sleep, the ingredients will increase the collagen production as well as reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, as a result, the skin will be tighter, firmer and brighter.

Last but not least, mineral clay mask and hydra-gel mask to use once or twice per week to purify, rebalance and hydrate, this is a two-step routine with first the clay mask and then the hydra-gel mask. The clay mask has antioxidants benefits thanks to vitamin A and C present in organic pomegranate seed extract or even in macula oil. Then, the hydra-gel mask is for smoother, softer and youthful skin with the help of grapeseed oil, avocado or even fennel seed extract.

Mother earth is good for us we must never forget; she created for us everything naturally we need for our faces, even before we knew it. Retinoids and other chemicals we created in the laboratory have been in nature plentifully waiting for us to find them in rose hip oil or even orange essential oil and exploit them in a responsible way and our skin will thank us for that.

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