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By Julie Jacobs

Non-surgical facelifts really do exist; they’re no longer a pipe dream. Many are developed by Beauty Therapists who ventured beyond their call of duty to deliver specialist facials that naturally lift without needles or intrusive surgery. Find out more in our article below Face Up


I’ve seen it with my very own eyes. Just before going into my Cloud Twelve Holistic Facelift Facial (which incorporates a fascia massage ), I sat in front of a mirror while Svetlana Afanaseva – creator of the fascia massage – manipulated the left side of my face for ten minutes. I immediately saw my jawline sharpen, my cheek and brow bones were higher and my sleepy eye was opened. It was a miracle.


These growing effective specialist treatments; immediately result in a mini lift (for longer-lasting effects multiple treatments are recommended ). They involve deep, very deep tissue manipulation unlike traditional stroking lay back and fall asleep facials. You may wince from time to time because the ‘sensation’ can range from ‘ooh’ to ‘ouch’. No need to worry though because therapists are highly trained and very careful to work with your tolerance to obtain the best results. Whatever the sensation it won’t be as intense as recovering from a surgical procedure.

Weleda Skin Food A loverly substitute massage cream that allows your hands to glide over your face without causing friction.
Comfort Zone Sublime Skin Oil Cream Used in the Cloud Twelve Fascia facial.


The Cloud Twelve Holistic Facelift

The Cloud Twelve Holistic Facelift works by applying pressure to the fascia – fascia is the layer of connective tissue under the skin. It acts as the support for your skin and is responsible for giving it lift and tone. But as we age, fascia moves from its original position, so by lifting it back to its origins a mini facelift and reduced lines is the magical result. I’ll be honest, the massage itself is not sleep-inducing, though the rest of the treatment is.  


Suqqu Masculate Massage & Mask Cream Suqqu is one of the few cosmetic companies that retail a massage cream, this is how important Gankin massage is to their ethos.
CHA VØHTZ Age Defy Cell Enrich Facial Oil Not all oils are easy to massage with but this is just the right consistency to glide over the face before it absorbs into the skin.


Suqqu’s Gankin massage is for the ‘DIY’ mini-lift. An original method that works directly on the muscles and lymph drainage of the face, it leaves the skin looking glowing and healthy.

This three minute series of strokes, prods and pressure points are performed with the knuckles, edge of hands, the full length and tips of fingers. Once again it’s not the most comfortable or relaxing three minutes — which is even odder because I’m doing it on myself — but my face feels as stimulated as after any spa facial. Suqqu recommends doing this every morning and evening.


What I really grew to enjoy about the Gankin was that I spent three minutes solely on me, myself and I. It felt similar to quiet meditation before the day started. These three minutes positively affected the way I felt about complexion and self. 


Face Gym

FaceGym is exactly what it says, exercise for the muscles of the face. There are a variety of treatments (or should I refer to them as training sessions) targeting different areas for specific results. From lifting, sculpting, plumping, toning and tightening (sound familiar gym-goers?) facial muscles.

FaceGym founder Inge Theron was a beauty journalist documenting her spa experiences for the Financial Times. Inge had a surgical procedure that left her housebound, so she wanted to find a better way to age gracefully. She channelled all her time into these unique non-invasive workouts for the face.  

‘Targeting the face’s 40 forgotten muscles FaceGym’s effective signature technique uses high energy knuckling movements also whipping strokes to stimulate blood circulation, collagen production, and cell renewal’. Once again don’t think this will be a lie back and nod off experience. Think, more like revisiting the gym after a long break…you will feel it.

With FACEGYM expanding throughout the UK I expect them to give botox parties a run for their money. Excuse the pun.

Nicola Joss

Nicola Joss has developed one of the most talked-about facials ever, The Inner Facial. First coming to public light thanks to her celebrity clients but Nicola’s treatments were well known in the beauty industry long before. 

Nichola’s fascination with skin developed as a child through watching the women in her family fuss over skincare (very much like myself but in regard to makeup). After her beauty diploma, Nichola went on to earn a degree in biology and physiology to understand the holistic’s of beauty therapy. 

However, this was not the end of her learning. She moved to Malaysia where she did a one-on-one apprenticeship with a local lymphatic drainage therapist.

The Bespoke Sculpting Inner Facial is a personalised treatment. It not only manipulates surface tissue but also works from inside, yes, inside the mouth (I wonder if this part was a hard sell to clients initially?) Working from inside the mouth de-stresses the muscle tissue and improves their firmness, encouraging the muscles to sit higher. 

Bespoke because Nicola looks at the tone texture and condition of each individuals skin. Addresses muscle tone through deep lymphatic massage and contouring techniques that lift different facial areas, leaving the skin radiant.  Nicola is a true genius and innovator and long may she and her skills reign.

Antonia Burrell’s Face Lift Facial Box is designed for lifting, lymph drainage and sculpting. Once again think of this as a workout for your face, neck and decollate.

Antonia Burrell

Antonia Burrell has two decades in the beauty industry, and is a natural beauty pioneer. She’s developed a 100% natural, ethical and sustainable brand. 

From her wealth of plant and aromatherapy knowledge, coupled with her extensive experience as a therapist, she has created a  “Natural Face Lift Facial”. This is now taught as part of the London College of Fashion post-graduate curriculum.

The Facelift Facial Box contains suction cups to be used with her Facial Cupping Massage Technique. This one-pack treatment combines parts of her internationally accredited Face Lift Facial. Antonia’s DIY box is truly an at-home spa facial if ever there was one.

Nadira Persaud’s book, Press Here! Face Workouts for Beginners

Like myself, as a Makeup Artist, Nadira Persaud knows the benefits of a massage before applying makeup. Firstly it creates a trusting connection between Artist and model.  Secondly, it improves the circulation and drains the lymph in-turn improving the complexion – especially beneficial if your aim is to use the bare minimum of foundation.

So in Nadira’s book, Press Here! Face Workouts for Beginners she shares her DIY lifting massage secrets. It contains easy-to-follow techniques which can be incorporated into your daily skincare regime.  Nadira knows the power of touch (and focused breathing) – whether someone else is doing it for you or you’re doing it on yourself. You will eventually see the difference but more importantly, you’ll feel it too.

Photography by Jason Yates
Beauty Editor Julie Jacobs

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