Fantasy: “Radiant Hex” by Ninetails

By Pascal Ebner


Time for some sound bursting with fantasy and color – basically the perfect tunes to give you the right start into the new year. Ninetails, the trio from Liverpool, is ready for it’s next EP “Quiet Confidence”, which will hit stores and iTunes in March.

The very first single “Radiant Hex” from their upcoming album gives a great insight to their brand new sound: A rhythmic treasure mixed with mantra-like lyrics – almost trance inducing. The tune itself, just like the other tracks on “Quiet Confidence” hold the theme of ‘devotions’ and how people shape their character through these. Something we usually wouldn’t question, but thanks to Ninetails new tunes we get the chance to experience the whole thing auditive.

“Aesthetically I was inspired by really grandiose and romantic images and music. The creation sequence in “The Tree of Life” was an aesthetic reference point, and “Requiem” by Gabriel Faure.”

– Jordan Balaber

Therein Ninetails aim to draw a parallel between romantic and spiritual devotion: Although we haven’t had a listen to the rest of the songs (yet) – we can already be sure to get hear a different side of Ninetails, compared to their previous releases. New year – new music. To make sure you get this new and fantastic experience yourself, have a listen to the new song “Radiant Hex” right here.

Just before you start – make sure you popped your headphones in, the lights are dimmed and the work is put aside – then you’re ready for the full on experience:

Listen to the new Ninetails song “Radiant Hex” below:

To get more infos on the new Ninetails record “Quiet Confidence”, the new single and more sounds – check out the band’s official website, Facebook, Twitter, and of course SoundCloud. The new EP will be available in March – the exact release date will follow.

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