Unusual Sounds

By Melinda Aissani

Does the heavy, thumping noise prevent you from concentrating? Does the impression of being smothered in a bubble filled with a deafening noise, sounds familiar? Do you feel the need to be able to find yourself? To hear you, to communicate with only you, taking a break and limiting yourself to a minimalist sound? Nowadays a new trend is making a splash on the internet, related to some unusual sounds. If you are looking for comfort and relaxation, ASMR is what you are looking for.  To go to the extremes in search of sounds that emanate from silence where the only sounds come from yourself, your body. Indeed to feel this sensation the anechoic chamber is your next stop. Find out more in Unusual Sounds here.

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Its full name is Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, known as ASMR for short. It is characterized by auditory or visual stimuli. Such as whispers, tapping, slow movements, and even eating sounds. Those unusual sounds triggers an intense sense of well-being and gives people a comfort zone for sleeping.

The booming of its success is its accessibility on leading platforms on the internet including YouTube as well as social networks such as Instagram and TikTok.

ASMR’s strong points come from its accessibility to find different categories, that can attract any type of public. 

In the first position of the most requested searches in ASMR, are Whispers which are the big favourites. Generally, it’s a person who tells a story, whether inspiring, entertaining, or informative. The concept is to bring a feeling of comfort and relaxation by speaking in a low voice.

The famous Maria Viktorovna, champion of whispering, manages to break records with her YouTube channel “Gentle Whispering ASMR”. She has 2.19 million subscribers on YouTube.

Then the most other popular one is Personal Attention, which can be characterized by role play. Often featuring a YouTuber who puts himself in the shoes of a character who cares for the Internet user. Using a professional job of everyday life, such as a doctor, makeup artist, hairdresser …

And finally, we find Movements, with the use of object. Such as tapping or slow movements, scratching a cushion, crumpling a sheet, unrolling an adhesive tape, and cutting vegetables. Or even the use of food texture by eating it or touching it. The YouTube channel that is a sensation in this area is Hongyu ASMR 홍유. 

What is extremely recommendable, is to put oneself in a situation of ASMR. Listening in order to relax, and obviously to choose an adequate environment, secure around oneself which owns a strong sound and visual sensitivity.

There is nothing better than to listen to it at the end of the evening, or during the night. Lying down in bed, with closed eyes, without worrying about the atypical objects used in the video. The goal is to be “lulled” or “travel”. To be able to visualize all types of imagination and to be transported by all types of different sounds in order to sleep

The result is concentration and relaxation alongside well-being. Rediscovering oneself by exploring the sensations of our body which can emit when listening to the ASMR. It triggers tingling or pins and needles on the surface of the skin. Starting with the scalp, spreading to the spine and going all over the body.

It is not necessary to have strong sensations or to feel goosebumps, but its euphoric effects. It sometimes gives a stimulus characterized as an orgasm in the brain. The incredible power of the ASMR aims at its pleasant sounds. Surprising, almost therapeutic, it reduces stress levels and helps find sleep more easily and at a sleep better quality. It induces a temporary improvement in the mood of depressed people, by triggering the hormone called happiness.

Although ASMR is easily accessible on the internet, its content can save more than one person from depression, unfortunately, not everyone is sensitive to ASMR. Let’s not forget that, this sensory response is qualified as autonomous

Welcome to the strangest room in the world . The anechoic chamber. Which offers a disturbing silence. It only takes 45 minutes to feel this immediate need to get out of this room. In short, there is no outside noise.

Indeed, it is a very original and intriguing piece. Also known as the Deaf Room, because it covered with pyramid-shaped diodes to absorb sound waves. Designed to stop the reflections of sound or electromagnetic waves. Energy is also isolated with no sound, only the direct ones, like the body sounds. Staying there for more than an hour the first time can create paranoid thoughts.

It’s very irritating for the brain to be in this room because it focuses on noises all over the body.  As if the ears were trying to hear at all costs, sounds that don’t exist. So logically, the ears start to focus on sounds produced by the body. 

This is one of the most difficult methods to manage but the most effective to find. We listen to our bodies, we feel our energy, we live, we hear it and we feel it.

Sometimes it is in the silence that we find comfort, the Void is an ally for relaxation, and the minimalist sounds get us into a deep satisfaction of tranquillity.

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