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By Millie Winter

It is important to remember how to stay grounded in a world where everything around us is moving so quickly. The year is ending in less than a month, time is going by fast. We are a species that likes to keep busy. We set high arching goals for ourselves. We are a population of overachievers. But, as we are moving around and ticking off our to-do list boxes, it is vital we remember the importance of staying rooted with who we are in this giant universe. Maybe it’s mindlessly doodling in a notebook, or maybe it’s going for a walk, or maybe it’s meditating, for the brand Liforme, it is yoga. They prioritize providing the tools we need to breathe through and stay in tune with ourselves through the magical practice of Yoga. Liforme works towards uniting a global community through practice. Read more about Live For More here.

Many of us took up new hobbies through our time in quarantine. One of the most popular hobbies to uptake was Yoga. Many looked to the practice as a way to release the tension their body was receiving trying to live life in conjunction with a worldwide pandemic. Through this, the importance of the practice became more visible to many.

Liforme is the worlds leading yoga mat’s, “their trailblazing product launched a billion-dollar industry, are sold in more than 180 countries and remain the best-reviewed yoga mats of all time.”

Through a unique system, Founder OM Shanti created a mat that was extremely helpful in guiding the yogi through their practices.

“Our unique, and revolutionary, AlignForMe System works as a navigational tool for your Yoga asana practice. The combination of intelligent markers gives you as much, or as little, guidance as you need.”

The markers include:

End to End Lines: Keep your hands & feet evenly aligned, length-ways.

Reverse Points: Help align your feet & hands when you’re on your back

The Lotus: The centre of your mat, and the root of y our symmetry.

Central Line: Helps you find evenness, width-ways.

45° Lines: Align your back heel in standing postures.

Through extensive research, the components going into each mat make it clear why it’s the best of the best. GripforMe Technology, which took 5 years to develop. The specially-engineered top surface wicks away moisture from your hands. The patented waterproof barrier layer prevents moisture from making its way to the top surface. The mats are also non-toxic and PVC free.

Not only does the brand prioritize the relationship of Yoga and the Yogi, but they also prioritize giving back to the planet and the people, 3% from every purchase is donated to Friends of the Earth, GLAAD, Yoga Gives Back or 5 trees are planted.

Yoga is a universal activity that many take part in to slow down their bodies in a society that is quite fast-paced. Liforme understands the importance of Yoga and has created mats found in 180 different countries, expressing the importance of the practice globally.

The brand Liforme brings about an important reminder to all in times of chaos. Life is not just the to-do lists you need to complete each day or the assignments you must complete by midnight, it’s about staying true to yourself. The brand’s motto is “Live For More” a common goal that can unite us all.

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