Father Love

By Noemie Hamon

Our father, there is so much to say about him… He is the person who was always there when we were crying, he is the person who put bandages on our knees and later on our hearts. There are no words strong enough to say how much we love this person, who has always been able to protect and love us. However, as the 20th of June approaches (fathers day) maybe you have not found what to give him? Father love may just answer your question.

Fathers can have if we are lucky, an image of a loving dad or sometimes a little harsh father. He is the one who took us in his arms but also the one who made us do all our lessons. The one who saw our first tears, our first loves, and who cried the day you left home. It is him that we will be celebrating on June 20th.

Father’s Day is his day, he must be happy. After all, he took care of us our whole life, we can give it back to him at least one day a year!

This year, Valmont, the beauty house created in 2015 in Venice, offers you a chance to delight the heart of your father with two products. Why choose Valmont? Because it is a jewel in the world of high-end cosmetic.

The first product that could put a big smile on your father’s face is a stunning scent: Casanova 2161. It is perfect for confident and daring personalities. Isn’t that the precise description of a dad? This eau de toilette has the highest olfactory intensity in the Palazzo Nobile collection; because of the facets within combining juniper berries, iris and woody vetiver.

The second product that could delight your father is the Valmont primary cream. More unexpected than the perfume, this cream is for all types of skin and it helps rebalance the skin. This cream is ideal after shaving to soothe the skin. No tightness, no irritation, no tingling.

Now, all you have to do is go get them, after all the pasta necklaces you made for him when you were three years old may not cut it these days.

You can find the perfume here and the cream here

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