Wild Musk

By Noemie Hamon

As old as the hills, nature has always been a huge reserve of ingredients for perfumes. Humans have appropriated the ingredients from nature for scent. That is why Musk came to be used on fragrance. This aromatic substance comes from an animal, the musk deer, that men always tried to domesticate. However, like the fragrance, the animal always stayed wild. Discover how this ingredient has subverted the perfume industry and how it makes you feel wild in Wild Musk. Main image Jason Yates

Even if musk can be extracted from several types of animals, the elixir coming from the gland of the musk dear has always been considered the most precious and qualitative musk. Why? Because its wild smell is incomparable and unique, an animal smell in its purest form. Indeed, animal notes are essential to have a fragrance that is strong, powerful and that lasts over time. They link to a very core trait in both animals and humans to re-create. So if you like musks are seen as the ‘smell of sex’.

We can find these deer from the Himalayas to Siberia via China. However, these species and subspecies of musk deer are now endangered due to excessive hunting since the end of the 19th century.

In Asia, captive breeding farms were built to welcome these deer and try to respond to the high demand for musk from the perfume industry. However, musk deer who are lonely animals did not respond well to living together, they fought and hence couples almost refused to mate. A wild spirit can’t be controlled, that is why musk is also so associated with strength and liberty.

The perfume industry faced high demand for this exceptional and rare elixir, perfumers had to find a solution. Therefore, chemists created white musk. It is a fully artificial fragrance that copies the wild animal musk scent. White musk smells wild, warm, but also floral; it is less strong than natural musk.

Musk is today an artificial-sourced ingredient that gives character to perfumes. With the power and memorable scent of this element, this perfume makes you unforgettable but Musk in perfume has another magical facet. Musk added to a scent will expand and give longevity to a perfume hence why it is so popular in so many fragrances. Indeed, the brand Initio did researches about this substance and created a perfume that generates a physiological and emotional response due to the presence of musk.

Initio created in 2015, base their collections very much on the power of the ingredients. They built their identity around the mysterious charisma of a “flesh” perfume. A perfume that brings alive the ‘sexiness of skin’ to the fore.

Their latest product, Musk Therapy is a ‘functional fragrance’. What does this mean? This fragrance soothes the mind; indeed our brain is biologically programmed to react to some substance and odours. Therefore this scent is a way to feel instantly happy.

However, this perfume is not only composed of musk, it is combined with natural white sandalwood, magnolia, and blackcurrant. The result? 90ml of addiction that you can layer with other perfumes to expand the scent as well as wear on its own.

Musk is a power that perfumers have to use carefully. The strength of this ingredient has to be balanced with other ingredients. In good hands, this ingredient is the key to create extraordinary perfumes.

You can find Musk Therapy here.

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