Floral Healing McQueen

By Jo Phillips

The Anemone flower (derived from Greek) means ‘daughter of the wind’. The Metamorphoses of Ovid (Roman poet ) tells that the plant was created by the goddess Aphrodite when she sprinkled nectar on the blood of her dead lover Adonis, and Ovid describes the etymology as referring to the frailty of the petals that can be easily blown away by the wind. Origins of this story and others about this flower, reflect the meanings of the arrival of the spring breezes or the duality of this against the death of a loved one; The death from winter to new life of spring. As we begin to pass through the horror of covid we look towards better times of healing and the bringing of humanity together. This is the very feeling that is the cornerstone of the newest collection, the very material of the feminine, from Alexander McQueen for A/W/21. Find out more in Floral Healing McQueen All Fashion Images Paolo Roversi. Dress left, An anemone print flower dress with exploded sleeves in rose gold poly faille.

It feels like now is a time for healing, for breathing new life, for exploring echoes from the past to enrich our future. More than ever, a sense of humanity, of the team working together with a single aim – to make something beautiful, something meaningful – feels both precious and important. We looked at water, for its healing properties, and at anemones. Anemones are the most ephemeral flowers, here made permanent in cloth. The women wearing the anemone dresses almost become like flowers, like their embodiment, their character – but amplified, grounded, radiant and strongSarah Burton, Creative Director.

An anemone print flower dress in black poly faille.

We feel pain yet we want to heal, we need to protect yet we want to expose ourselves. We feel worn yet we want to feel fresh and alive again. Take all these emotions and see them reflected in the very clothes we desire.

An anemone print t-shirt in white jersey and an anemone print skirt with dropped pocket detailing in black poly faille..

Every woman; gentle as a petal strong like a plant rooted into the earth, linked to the earth’s core, the power of mother nature herself.

An anemone print flower dress with one-shoulder in rose gold poly faille.

The petals splay across each dress with blood-red; the true colour of feminine life.

A biker jacket in black leather with anemone print flower sleeves in black polyfaille and a full anemone print skirt with dropped pocket detailing in black poly faille

She is strong and she is bold yet she is delicate all at the same time.

Left to right: biker dress with a sweetheart neckline and silver zip and eyelet detailing in red leather, pieced and panelled dress with silver zip detailing in black poly faille, An asymmetric dress in white jersey and ivory silk tulle pieced with a patchwork of trailing silver lily pad embroideries.

Always there, always present, day to night, she stands tall and beautiful. From denim to leather she wears it all with utter elegance and grace.

Left to right, A parka jacket with an exploded hood and sleeves in navy poly faille and lake blue washed denim and a fluted panelled skirt in lake blue washed denim. A single-breasted tailored jacket with exploded parka sleeves and rib knit cuffs in grey herringbone wool and poly faille and elongated cigarette trousers in grey herringbone wool.

Ultimately she is always a goddess, the very woman; she lives, she breathes, she radiates and she heals. She is the flower that stands tall in a world with many weeds: Her beauty radiates for all.

An asymmetric corseted t-shirt in white jersey and ivory silk tulle pieced with a patchwork of trailing silver lily pad embroideries and elongated cigarette trousers in black wool twill.

This collection goes into store mid-August find the pre-fall collection available now. Explore the world Here AlexnaderMcQueen.com

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