Flowing to Sleep

By Catarina Figueiredo Soares

We all recall being sung to sleep while we are babies, right? Parents normally sing a lullaby to help the baby relax, feel safe and fall asleep. Interesting enough, it is believed that through singing to babies, a flowing bond is created between the child and the parents. Maybe you didn’t realise but singing a lullaby is communicating with the baby and while the child listens, she develops essential language skills. Amazing that something so soothing also contributes to the baby’s cognitive skills. Discover more about the origin and some soothing lullabies from around the world, here in Flowing to Sleep.

Lullabies have been around all though history, however, many of them that are still around today were sung hundreds of years ago. The term ‘lullaby’ comes from the terms lullen and bye, calming sounds to make the baby sleep. Below there are some diverse lullabies from around the world including the new album African Lullabies part 2 by Asa, Ayra Starr, Karun, Teni, Simi, WurlD, Olayinka Ehi, Tresor, Manana, Aymos and Ntsika.

There are some common lullabies such as Twinkle, Twinkle and Hush Little Baby but did you know that in Argentina the most popular one is Arroro Mi Niño? ‘Arrorró’ means lullaby and ‘mi niño’ my child.

‘Arrorró mi niño’ lullaby

Every baby should have a lullaby in their own language. For this, African Lullabies part 2 offers twelve songs in various African languages. Spectacular that children from Africa can now listen to lullabies in their own language and with a familiar accent. 

‘African Lullabies Part 2’ album

Moving on to Israel, the most listened lullaby is ‘Rozhinkes mit Mandlen’ which means raisins and almonds. Embodying hope as well as a vision of the protective Jewish mother this lullaby also translates the desire of a mother for her child to be prosperous. To listen to this lullaby, click here.

Flying halfway around the globe, in Australia, Inanay is an indigenous song that drifts babies off to sleep. The specific translation is not available since it is from the indigenous people that live there, however, it is quite soothing.

‘Inanay Capuana’ lullaby

To finish off this list with a memory of many people, ‘You are my sunshine’ is a lovely and peaceful melody. It originated in Oklahoma as some believe but it has spread around the globe. This song is embedded into the culture due to the tornados. It is said that people would sing this song to children when facing the destruction to calm them and bring hope into the situation. 

‘You Are My Sunshine’ lullaby

African Lullabies part 2 is available in all streaming platforms, listen here.

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