Fortress During the Night

By Smriti Agrahari

Limitations often can lead to innovation. One such innovation in the field of architecture has been “Prefabricated house” often shortened to prefab. These are a type of building construction not really the style of the house. Prefab homes are those that are built off-site in pieces and then transported to and assembled at a final destination. The idea of building automated prefab houses is simply Prefabulous! Find out more in Fortress During the Night.

The first mention of prefab houses was in the medieval norman poet Wace’s epic poem Roman de Rou, “They took out of the ship beams of wood and dragged them to the ground. Then the Count who brought them, already pierced and planed, carved and trimmed, the pegs already trimmed and transported in barrels, erected a castle, had a moat dug around it and thus had constructed a big fortress during the night.”

During the Second World War prefab houses came to existence in the UK, in the style of homes called Airey houses, as a temporary replacement for housing that had been destroyed by bombs, particularly in London. Despite being a temporary measure, many remained inhabited for decades after the war ended.

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C3 Pre-fab, Chicago, IL, USA, Square Root.
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In recent time thinking sustainable is synonymous with smart living. A modular home is thus a practical solution in recent times where the real estate landscape has undergone a phenomenal change. Prefab homes are becoming immense popularity as they are affordable, flexible and easily portable. The construction follows the law of affordability and contributes to green living.

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Smallhouse, Switzerland, Bauart Architekten

Often known as modular homes or Eco-friendly homes these sustainable living options conserve energy, fuel resources, water and more. The reliability and portability factor of modular homes have added to their rising popularity.

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The book Pre-Fab Living by Avi Friedman, published by Thames & Hudson, showcases a new generation of innovative homes that save space, are kinder to the planet and cost less to build.

The compilation surveys exceptional prefab houses worldwide which caters to some ideal solutions to reduce overall living challenges. The book explores the latest methods of manufacturing, trends, technologies, solutions and explores a wide range of sustainable possibilities in dwellings.

The objective of Mr Friedman (professor of architecture at Lancaster University, UK ) was to bestow new light on prefab homes and inspire the upcoming architects, builders and designers to sustainable construction. With time they are no longer blunt in terms of aesthetics. These pr-fab houses are well designed, automated and functional. Thus making them not only desirable but they are eco friendly, sustainable and easy on the pocket.

Inspire yourself by checking out this brilliant compilation.Check Thames & Hudson website for more details. These extravagant images have been taken from the book. If you find Fortress during the Night interesting, you may find Second Chance absorbing.

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