By Jo Phillips


Rachel  72 x 56cmAndrew Kinsman, Rachel

Fragile is Andrew Kinsman‘s latest show hosted by Signal Gallery that explores the theme that fascinated the artist for some time – the painting of bubbles.

In ‘Fragile’ Kinsman focuses on the symbolism represented by the beauty and the momentary existence of the bubbles, somehow echoing  human lives, also regarded as fragile sometimes. With bubbles representing escapism as well, Kinsman decided to move to Paris during creating the exhibition, which helped him to discover a whole new land of creative expression.

Julie. 50 x 45 cmAndrew Kinsman, Julie

Some of the pictures presented during the exhibition imply an intense relationship between model and artists, other have a spontaneous feel to them but there is one thing that keeps being present in each of Kinsman’s works – the presence of delicate and fragile bubbles.

Amy.Pencil on Paper. 52 x30 cmAndrew Kinsman, Amy

The Fragile exhibition is hosted by Signal Gallery from 28th June till 13th July.


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