Fragrance Of Intrigue

By Fleur Chattillon

Brooding good looks, sex appeal, mysterious, an English poet. This particular one was the famous Lord Byron ( 1788 – 1824). Byron’s writings were initially seen (and still are), as more patently autobiographic than even those of his fellow self-revealing romantic writers. He had a series of lovers, travelled around the world and became famous because of his stories and infamous because of his eventful life. Byron died quite young but left a long trail. Think of it like a silage of perfume, the lingering scent that follows a perfumed person. His ‘trail’ of literature to be forever loved, and a lifestyle as colourful as it was perfumed, forever discussed, which has now been caught in a bottle. Unsurprisingly with such a magnanimous yet carefree life, one of contrast has been the creative starting point for a new fragrance, a different approach and a new facet for exploration; find out more here in Fragrance Of Intrigue

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Byron was a restless spirit with an irresistible appeal, full of talent and passion and always tragically influenced by love, constantly in search of overwhelming sensations, like an olden day thrill seeker. He was the emblem of the most radical and refined romanticism. People looked at him from a distance as a man surrounded by a lot of stories and mystery. Women would have probably looked at him as a tall, dark and handsome stranger. After all, he had many noticeable affairs.

Outdoor portrait of George Gordon, Lord Byron by

In 1812, Byron embarked on an affair with the passionate, eccentric, and married, Lady Caroline Lamb. The scandal shocked the British public. He also had affairs with many other society ladies, but most shocking of all very probably, was with his married half-sister, Augusta Leigh.

Two years later Augusta gave birth to a daughter. The child took her father’s surname of Leigh but gossip was rife that in fact, the baby girl’s father was, Byron.

Perhaps in an attempt to recover his reputation, the following year Byron married Annabella Milbanke, with whom he had a daughter named Augusta Ada. Because of Byron’s many affairs, the rumours of his bisexuality (homosexuality was illegal at this time) and the scandal surrounding his relationship with Augusta, the couple separated shortly after the birth of their child.

Byron left England in 1816 for a voluntary exile with no return, because he was by now, accused of adultery and sodomy.

He travelled around to many places but especially in Italy. He spends three intense years, from 1816 to 1819, in Venice. Inspired by the beauty of this city with all of its palazzos, incandescent scents from the Orient, exotic nature and indulged in countless lovers.

It was here that he wrote one of his most famous masterpieces: ‘Don Juan’. It was a satirical and audacious poem on the figure of the seducer. Although he never finished it, it left quite an impact.

Byron fragrance by Moresque Parfum, With page of the poem ‘Don Juan’

Because of his love for a different country, Byron took part in the Greek War of Independence against Turkish domination in 1821, but despite the fact that he survived the war, he died three years later of a sudden fever at only 36 years old.

According to his wishes, his heart was buried in Greece where they saw him as a hero, while his remains were taken back to England. The adventurous and romantic stories he left behind, not only in his written poems but about his eventful life became the cause of a lot of inspiration.

A life lived extraordinarily, one colourful and bright it’s no surprise that it would be great to ‘bottle’ such a person. This seductive figure, one of romance and intrigue calls to be recorded.

And just like his poem ‘Duan Juan’ is about a figure of seduction, Moresque parfum developed a perfume to seduce you to your core and bring you into the world of Byron’s life.

Byron fragrance by Moresque Parfum

Like the man himself the scent ‘Byron‘ is the liquid essence of an ingenious and rebellious soul that is noble and transgressive, which becomes fragrance, against the Mediterranean and radiant backdrop of a timeless city, inlaid with lavishness and oriental scents.

The brilliant intrigue of bright Tangerine, which merges its fresh and sophisticated essence with the luminous transparency of citrus fruits, the intense emotions of spices, and the soft and smooth petals of a romantic heart, wrapped in the incandescent breeze of woods and resins, ‘Byron’ is a luxurious liaison between East and West, in the most authentic style of Moresque.

Byron fragrance by Moresque Parfum

Just like a poem is structured with rhythm and couplets a perfume is built with top notes, heart notes and base notes. The top notes are those you smell immediately after you spray the perfume on your skin, which in this case are mostly citrus, fresh notes and Ginger.

Once this initial burst fades, The heart notes kick in, forming the essence of the perfume and you might say the very heart of Byron’s romantic side with middle notes of Jasmine, Magnolia and Taif rose.

Vanilla beans and flower by jupiterimages

The base notes are the scent that lasts and the one that will stay in your memory the longest, like the lingering poem. Here we notice Byron who could be very warm and charming, echoed via Vanilla and Cedarwood but seeing as he was quite the chameleon find also deeper notes of Patchouli, Cypriol, Amber and Musk.

The bottle of this perfume contains the essence of a magical, even rebellious lover and poet, wrapped in a fascinating and irresistible halo of mystery, just as Byron himself. You could say it’s a Fragrance of Intrigue.

‘Byron’ perfume by Moresque Parfum

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