Global Aroma, Italian Style

By Sophia Guddemi

Flowers from Asia, fruits from the Himalayas and citrus from Italy; together on someone’s wrists, collarbone, create a subtle yet joyful aroma. Acqua di Parma bottles luxurious scents inspired by an Italian lifestyle often reaching across the world bringing other places alive in their perfumes. Find out more here in Global Aroma, Italian Style.

A whole world of ingredients can create a beautiful scent. Aqua di Parma’s Signatures of the Sun collection of fragrances reflects this very concept by incorporating fruits, woods and flowers from across the world melded into stunning potions.

Magnolia Infinita, their newest addition to the collection, is the epitome of fragrant flowers and sweet citruses mixing together for the utmost luxurious Italian life.

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At the core of the perfume is the magnificent magnolia flower, a fragrant flower that lives primarily in East Asia, North America and Central America. Interestingly it is associated with yin or female energy, leading to it often being given in order to honour strong women also in eastern thinking, the flower represents nobility and purity.

Whereas, in the United States, the magnolia flower is a staple in southern homes where they blossom in early spring and are thought to bring luck and stability.

Another essential piece of the scented worldly puzzle that is Acqua di Parma’s Magnolia Infinita is Bergamot from Calabria. A citrus fruit native to Italy that is too bitter to eat but still is essential to many fragrances.

Bergamot adds the Italian flair to this perfume, tying the scent back to the company’s Italian roots and bringing it home. The practice of extracting oils from the skin of this citrus dates back to 17th century Italy. Although it is unclear where the fruit originated, one thing that is clear is that its home now is in Calabria.

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To add to the citrus feel of the Italian Bergamot, fresh fruits like oranges and lemons are also included in the mixture. Citrus fruits like these originated in the foothills of the Himalayas; however, now you can find them all across the globe, from South Africa to South Florida.

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And of course, there must be flowers. Sambac Jasmine, Rose and Ylang Ylang are also key components to the scent. Sambac jasmine, native to southeast, tropical Asia, was originally used to flavour teas in China, but is now appreciated for its fruity, floral scent.

Roses find their first use also in China where their journey began as a gardening decoration and symbolically understood as a symbol of love. Ylang Ylang, native to tropical Asia and Australia were used for both ceremonial and decorative purposes throughout history. The scent of this flower has been popular in Malaysia and Indonesia. And in Bali, the flowers are used to scent clothes and bed linens while in Thailand the oils are almost ritually applied to the skin after bathing.

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Lastly, patchouli and musk finish off the fragrance to blend the perfume together. Patchouli is native to southeast Asia; however, southeast India is where its first uses were developed where it was used for its essential oils.

Not until, Napoleon Bonaparte, the French conqueror, did Patchouli’s scent become popular towards the West. Once he fell in love with the scent, Patchouli in Europe went from having herbal and medical uses to being an expensive fragrance. Synthetic musk provides a warm, subtle scent of earthy aromas.

Acqua di Parma products are designed in Italy and worn all across the world. Magnolia Infinita is a new member of their Signatures of the Sun collection, which purposefully collects ingredients from across the globe in order to make scents that provoke emotion from wearers.

Fittingly, this is a fragrance that everyone under the sun can wear with ingredients from everywhere under the sun. It is “a never-ending burst of flowers and beauty.”

To find out more about Acqua di Parma click here. To find Magnolia Infinita click here.

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