Freshness in the air

By Noemie Hamon

My name is Minthe, I am a naiad, an aquatic nymph from one of the rivers of hell, Cocytus. You may never have heard of me even though I am present in your everyday life. I am part of greek mythology, today you may know me better by my modern name; mint. Discover my story in Freshness in the air.

I never planned to become a plant, I was a beautiful naiad but fate had other plans for me. My story starts when I met Hades, my eternal beloved. We were happy lovers, we could have conquered the world; with him, I felt invincible. We were living near my river, we had all a couple could dream of but she ruined everything.

Persephone. She stole my lover’s heart and he left me. I am not mad at him, I will love him forever. He explained to me, an arrow pierced him and he fell in love with the first woman he saw, it was Persephone. He married her, I witnessed their happiness. He was fooled by this artificial love, I couldn’t be silent. So, I said horrible things about my rival. However, it never allowed me to achieve the peace I was looking for… Persephone knew what I did… She trampled on me. After that, I do not remember well what happened.

Some say Persephone changed me in mint so that I could never say anything else, I became a simple plant. But I’d rather believe the other stories by those who say Hades was so sad to lose me, he wanted to keep hold of a memory of me. For that, he gave me this, he turned me into a heady rich, fresh, scent plant.

With time, my anger diminished and I felt appeased. I dedicated my life to helping humans. Smell my odour, I am a plant you can directly identify, I am fresh and unique. I am like a wave overwhelming people even two meters away. That’s why I’m appreciated so much I was turned into an essential oil.

Today, I help humans in my new form. I help them for their health, I can heal their digestive problems. They used me in medicines, I feel useful. However, I am the Cocytus nymph, I am also appreciated in cooking and spirits. I am tasted in meals and cocktails.

Choose me for your perfume and you can be sure everybody you’ll meet will remember you. Even if I lost my beloved, I may help people to find their soulmates…

The name of this nymph is Minthe. She is linked to an ingredient we often use to illustrate ‘freshness’; mint. This plant has a mythological background, its origins are mysterious and exciting. This plant is the representation of freshness because when we have it in our mouth or when we smell it, a huge wave of cold invades our senses. No matter how we use it, when its heady perfume comes to our nose we feel like we are by a river, surrounded by fresh green nature. What if someone could create a perfume that would recreate this sensation and feeling?

The house of Valmont who produces cosmetic care and beauty rituals has just used this ingredient to create a captivating elixir. In May 2021, a new Venetian aroma will join the Palazzo Nobile collection. Their new fragrance, crystalline and green and bight with freshness is called Fizzi Mint.

Authentic, well-balanced and fresh, this perfume captures the subtlety of this aroma and transforms it into a fragrance of unparalleled freshness. Why not succumb to this charming and lovely Eau fraîche?

What is inside? Obviously mint, but also Bergamot, bright and effervescent brings another sparkling freshness. These two are combined with spicy lemony notes of verbena. It results in a beaming, fresh and lovely 100 ml bottle of magical perfume.

The transparent bottle; reminiscent of a torrent of fresh and crystalline water running out of a mountain. Even the elegant packaging is an explosion of a hundred coloured petals.

Convinced by Fizzy Mint, but want more? Wait to discover the others two additions… meet Bright Poppy and Sea Bliss which are the two other perfumes that join the Palazzo Nobile collection. On the one hand, Bright Poppy is a bright bouquet that rocks your senses with the bergamot, jasmine and cedarwood harmony. On the other hand, Sea Bliss will help to feel relax and free with its artificial marine notes linked to tiaré blossom and musk.

These perfumes are today’s representation of freshness. Mint, this mysterious ingredient, is the heart of magical perfumes. She who was once Menthe is now mint; one of the most precious ingredients on our earth. Her freshness will invade you and you will never be forgotten just as Hades had hoped by giving her this dynamic scent.

You can find Valmont’s products and perfumes here.

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