Gem Bottled

By Akshita Pyla

Close your eyes and imagine yourself in the midst of an Eternal city, Rome. As you walk into the evening, you observe the orange peachy tones blending so effortlessly into blues, revealing the skies most radiant sunset. Admiring the fascinating pinks in the sky, you then notice a gathering of vibrant friends on a terrace sharing Orange toned cocktails. You observe how the laughter brings out excitement, making their eyes sparkle as they sip the fizzy cocktail. However, you cannot help but notice your attention constantly being drawn to the bubbly concoctions in their hand, like a moth to a flame. The colour mesmerises you as you drown in this ecstasy of pure warmth and fulfilment. You feel the intensity in your bones as you stare at this rich colour. The very spirit of a city, captured, trimmed and contained in a bottle. Find out more here in Gem Bottled.

Suddenly, there is a stillness in the air, as if time were just an illusion. Lost in the moment you might wonder about the scent of this aura. What would the scent of this beautiful moment be? Could it be a floral citrusy scent? Or could it be something as sweet as gum?

Well, these are the very notes Bvlgari chose to portray in scent. ROCK N’ ROME is the new Eau de Parfum launched in The Bvlgari Allegra collection.

‘Lively and Joyful’ represents the meaning of ‘Allegra’ in the Italian language. The latest Bvlgari Allegra collection mirrors this exact symbolisation through its design and fragrances. This cosmopolitan collection is exclusively crafted for women. The enticing batch of fragrances is capsulated in glass bottles designed with extravagant colours. It awakens your vivid imagination into the exorbitant hues and colours. The creation of this collection is inspired by Bvlgari’s homeland, Italy. The Olfactive essences in the Allegra collection have been formulated to express the joyous energy of Italy.

There were originally four Eau de Parfums in the Allegra Collection: RIVA SOLARE is a surreal feeling like watching the sun meet the sea, it’s energising. FIORI D’AMORE symbolises the passion and tenderness in a newborn love, DOLCE ESTASI is a taste of celebration, it evokes sweetness and comfort, FANTASIA VENETA is an enchanting capsule reminiscent of all the Italian luxury and sophistication.

Finally, the latest drop from the Bvlgari Allegra Collection is ROCK N’ROME, this floriental scent is an emotion like rendez-vous, that is fulfilling and intoxicating.

 These mysterious elixirs give a glimpse into the luxuriance of the ancient city of Rome. This creative piece of craft is a unique experience into the world of the finest, an amalgamation of perfume and gems. The Allegra collection thus evokes a surreal feeling while representing Italian emotions.

The perfume is captivated in the most exquisite glass bottle that takes a form of a rounded gem. The sculptured flacons are inspired by the Cabochons, which Bvlgari is well renowned for. The colourful cabochons are edged with a flute and a cap on either end of them. Capturing its preciousness, the cap is made of glass while being embroidered with the BVLGARI logo. The rose gold colour that envelops the cap, adds a mark of rarity intertwined with elegance. This colour retains its sensual sweetness. The glory of this collection lies in its impeccable design. This dreamy creation awakens one’s quest for royalty. The flacons add character and depth to this flawless set of perfumes.


This scent celebrates the intimate moments spent with loved ones over a shared floriental spritz. Its essence is manifested to express the superlative emotions of Italians. The fragrance thrives from the Olfactory family, which magnifies fruity, floral incense. The Osmanthus and apricot top notes fill it with intense warmth. The combination of these notes brings up remarkable memories such as the sight of watching the sunset in the orange sky. An invigorating zesty note tapers into creating an uplifting aura that envelopes you.  The very first spritz creates an impression and sets a tone of what’s to come. It feels like a breath of fresh air and just then, the final twist to this fragrance is added with the sweet benzoin gum flavour. The amalgamation of these ceremonial scents gives birth to memorable fragrances.


Top: Apricot

Heart: Osmanthus, Spices

Base: Oriental Notes, Benzoin, Woody Notes

As intoxicating as it already is, Bvlgari refines the ecstasy of its scents by collaborating with magnifying essences. This exclusive experience is a gateway to personalising your dream fragrance. #Magnifyformore is a portal to creating your very own signature scent. Energy, Love, Sensuality, Comfort and Delicacy are enhancers available to intensify your fragrance experience.

The Bergamot intensifier is a unique burst of sweet and crispy notes. The attitude surrounding this fragrance is all about the vibrance felt on a bright summer day. Its citrus notes intensify an expression of freshness.

The Rose is a classic radiance full of velvety layers with subtle woody notes. It smells like a fresh bouquet full of luscious petals that lovers exchange. It represents the optimism in new love.

While the Patchouli fragrance starks of sensuality. Its enchanting essence is an ingress into precious woody notes. The powerful opulent is an emotion that can be easily carried by a free-spirited personality.

Wearing the Vanilla magnifier will create an irresistible aura around you. This scent culminates nuanced layers of raw and leathery notes. Alluring and addictive, this scent is carried well in its delicacy.

The Musk fragrance is for those who crave the first intimate touch. It deceptively evokes the luminosity of embracing your lover. This warm and sultry essence is inspired to reveal its sophisticated radiance through joy.

Hence, offering an iconic experience yet once again, Bvlgari stands out in creating an extravagant high-end perfumery.

The new Bvlgrai Eau De Parfum from the Allegra collection, Rock n’ Rome is now available at Bvlgari Bond Street Store and its official website at here for £140 each for 50ml / £200 each for 100ml.

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