Get Set, Care

By Smriti Agrahari

So many of us have had our eyes open to the ways of a new, better, and fairer world. Whether this is through the food we choose to eat, the items we choose to spend our hard-earned pennies on, or the skincare we want to look after our faces. By choosing more ethical products we help to do our bit to help the world but as well as support the economy. Causing no harm to animals, plant-based intake, healthy choices, protecting the planet are our new vows. The new normal serve mankind with reasons to reflect and wonder on how we can all add to change for a better environment for all. One such initiative is by Von Norten who has created a product line of vegan home and beauty with sustainable powerful natural ingredients. It’s time to bin artificial and Get Set, Care with body care too.

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Naturally derived and ethically-sourced raw materials for this brand include body care and home product line. Below we outline just a few of the body pieces including the Handwash, Hand Sanitiser, and a Shampoo Bar.

Handwash – The gentle handwash is extracted from the goodness of avocado oil, sweet almond oil, vitamin E, aloe vera and honey. The base of the handwash is fabricated with naturally gleaned ingredients, thus is paraben- and sulphate free. These are available in three scents –

Lime, Basil & Mandarin – Refreshing your senses with these citrus scents alongside spicy green notes of basil, a bottle of sparkling luxury.

White Jasmine – For the ones who prefer a more floral accent scent, this sensual and soft scent has the notes of jasmine, vanilla, and hint of sandalwood. Inspiration lies in warm spring days.

Lavender & Bergamot – In this scent we find stirred together wild lavender with bright citrus of bergamot along with the added note of sweet lemon.

These varieties of scented handwash are the eco-friendly alternative to pamper your hands with the babylike tenderness.

Hand sanitizer – Making its way as these days newest essentials these sanitizers with 70% alcohol, aloe vera, and tea tree oil are effective on germs but also are kind to the skin, leaving hands soft and silky smooth, making this product a blend of safety and softness.

Shampoo Bar – A Shampoo bar which is an absolute delight. With the virtues of 93% natural ingredients, which include apricot, jojoba, almond and lavender oil. The sustainable bar is plastic-free, rich in omega-9 fatty acids to hydrate and soothe the scalp. Not to miss the vitamin B, C, E, copper and zinc for a healthy scalp and sleek hair.

Founder Cayla Carolina Johansson’s focus was to create products with powerful ingredients inspired by nature. She has talked in the past of the power of Natural fragrances from plants, which she says are very powerful, memory-driven and allow us to express ourselves.

She has also talked about her own scent memory and the first scents she remembered from her garden on a late summer night,”

She has also talked of her childhood between the beaches of Rio De Janeiro and the mountains of Norway. This giving her a wide and natural scent experience.

All these ethical products give all of us more of a reason to turn towards ethical purchases. They products are out there and they efficay is proven, so enjoy a bit of the wild in your home.

For more pieces of information on Von Norten’s initiatives at building a healthy planet and the goodness of their products please visit. You will see the complete collection of body care and of scent items like reed diffusers and candles

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