There but not There

By Sera mathews

Plenty of tinted moisturisers are around to buy, and plenty of them fare better than others, however, none have matched the scientific formulation of French brand Typology’s tinted serum. Why? because this is a tinted serum; that covers and works as skincare but is as light as a feather on the skin. There but not There

Teint is where makeup and skin care meet; a serum that covers yet feels light as if there isn’t stuff on your face.

Typology’s new hybrid range, Tient, is adapted to all six skin tones.

This new product gives the confidence of having a full cover while bestowing the feeling of never wearing one. A more natural look and finish in these times of pandemic designer masks, yet at the same time, it acts as any good serum would.

This latest creation by the French vegan brand excels as the perfect transitioner element between skincare and makeup routine that we embark daily hence, leaving behind your natural freckles as it excludes the presence of a shiny or matte finish.

Plus, to ease consciences, its 99% naturally derivative and its ingredients prove its ethical roots.

The olive-derived squalane repairs and retains the skin’s nourishing factor for a longer period, while its aloe vera pulp fights against dehydration as it maintains high water capacity.

Corn-extracted vitamin C is the antioxidant that luminates the skin and acts as a protector from all things aggressive (i.e. pollution, sun exposure, and smoking).

Typology’s skincare products are vegan and 99% naturally derivative.

It is silicone-free. So why is that important?

Not easily biodegradable silicone creates a skin barricade as its inclusion in makeup paraphernalia results in the appearance of blemishes.

It is nanoparticle free. Why is that significant?

Miniscule nanoparticles are discovered to penetrate the skin and cause unrevealed impact.

It is perfume-free. And why does that count?

Scented products are the main cause of allergic reactions.

So why is Typology a trusted brand among skincare obsessives?

Typology founder, Ning Li

With its launch in early 2019, the Parisian beauty brand has taken the skincare world by storm and has three sub-brands:-

Cruelty-free DIY kits are launched by RAW. Handing over full control to the user, the RAW collection involves single ingredient products that can be used on their own or mixed with other emulsions to form multi-purpose masks, scrubs, serums, balms, and candles.

Organic Virgin Vegetable Hemp Oil from the RAW range is effective in repairing damaged hair and soothing irritated skin.

Concentrated Serums are published by LAB and are on of the highest concentrated in the market with 3% concentration found in the moisturising serum compared to the market benchmark of 1%.

Salicyclic Acid from the LAB range is a powerful antibacterial agent and promotes desquamation.

And, TEN releases skincare products formulated with ten ingredients or less with the exclusion of perfume or silicone to create clean and efficacious products.

The 7-ingredient Micellar Water from the TEN range is accompanied by hand balm, lip balm, shampoo & conditioner, and a cleansing oil.

Head over to Typology to check out this latest industry marvel and more merchandise on bodycare, haircare, and perfume.

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Credit: Typology

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