Girls Own the Void

By Zonaira Chaudry

“Girls own the Void…..”, is the caption of an Instagram post by Audrey Wollen, an American artist, writer and critic who picked up some steam a few years ago. The “internet artist” posted a picture where images of some male-produced manuscripts and works depicting emptiness were cut out. Showing a possessiveness to the void, she harshly tells her male rivals to leave. She also coined the “Sad girl Theory” contriving that female sadness is not sadness but an act of resistance. History has been an avid witness to women taking the reins and cobbling their own path. Farida Khalo, Marie Curie, Rosa Sparks and Ada Lovelace are just a few names who challenged the void. Read Girls Own the Void to find out more!  

Image by Dimitris Vetsikas from Pixabay

Wollen has set out a new perspective for many to embark on. The meaning behind void is not always nothing, but something more meaningful. Feminism in terms of void could mean that it is no longer acceptable for women to tolerate injustice or that women now have the ability to object to the perils of patriarchy. Female ownership of the word void is not an ignorable rationale rather it will disrupt your regular flow of thoughts on feminism to make you feel, see and experience. 

The Sad Girl Theory also entrails that fleeting moments of vulnerability should be diffused with power. Add a few drops of perfume to that power and the femme fatale is ready to bloom.

“Just Bloom” is the floral addition to Collectione Privata, an exclusive range of Storie Venetian by La Maison Valmont. The fragrance has notes of musk, white flowers and fumes of floraldehyde for you to be ready and conquer the world. The scent will tell your story of adventures with subtle elegance and joy imbuing you with the power to combat any kind of void. 

Sophie Vann-Guillon has designed the range “Collezione Privata” to articulate the female facets of femininity. In Collezione Privata, Sophie, with her perfumery talents, has envisioned females as contemporary and charismatic muses immersed in scent. These women are modern, chic and empowered. The other members of this exclusive collection are Private Mind, Lady Code and Jazzy Twist; each perfume has its own individual character.  “Just Bloom” perfectly captures the essence of a woman being on a journey of becoming fiercely independent. 

La Maison Valmont was created by Sophie Vann- Guillon and her husband Didier Guillon. Based on the shores of Lake Geneva, it has been creating anti-ageing treatments since 1985 and employs Swiss cellular cosmetics for modern skin care treatments. Valmont uses the purest of alpine ingredients from Switzerland, fuses them with the latest technology and invents inspirational nuances of beauty. The house is proud of its self-created philosophy- when Art meets Beauty which is depicted in all its creations from artful packaging to innovative cosmetics and skincare.  

Didier Guillon, Valmont’s French-Swiss entrepreneur is also an artist, art collector and curator. He is strongly influenced by American minimalism of the 20th century and finds artists like Joan Gardy Artigas, Leonardo Cimolin, Quentin Garel, Silvano Rubino and Sophie Westerlind stimulating. He practices non-traditional curation where he asks artists to ponder over distinctive themes and ideas and create powerful expressions. His own work encompasses metaphors such as the mask, gorilla and the cage, asking questions from the spectators about the challenges the world faces and search innovative ways to elevate reality. He eagerly designs in different forms of media, dimensions and materials. His enthusiasm lies in finding new ways to appreciate contemporary art.

He finds inspiration in a stream of artists and creative projects which are sponsored by the Foundation Valmont – an art initiative which Didier established himself in 2015. The foundation actively supports young artists of contemporary art and also houses Didier’s own art collection. In 2018, Palazzo Bonvicini, a 16th-century Venetian palace became the main headquarter of the foundation. Every year art exhibitions are hosted in the palace showcasing collective art projects. In the Guillon family, the passion for art is a generational trait where Maxence Didier, Didier’s son also makes valuable contributions to discovering artists. In January 2022,  Maxence Guillon took over the Foundation Valmont.  

Another noteworthy project of the Valmont group is Les Résidences. Valmont started in 2020 where guests, artists and members of the brand are welcomed. The venues of these residences are located in Venice (Italy), Barcelona (Spain), Hydra (Greece) and Verbier (Switzerland). 

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