Glitz; Fizzy Lemons!

By Jo Phillips

Fizzy lemon? what does that mean? Well lets start with the obvious  lemonade, not the cheap bottled sickly stuff but the REAL fresh zingy cool glass of homemade juice.  The perfumer Tom Daxon had such a delightful moment with this elixir that it inspired a new fragrance, the eleventh to enter his range, so lets welcome Laconia


Whilst on a treasured holiday on the greek island in an area called (a town and a municipality in Laconia)  Tom stayed in a hotel that not only has a lemon orchard but from the precious harvest they made their own lemonade; a combination lemons Mint and local honey and ice of was to become not just an addiction for the holiday but so caught his imagination he came back at started to use the experience as a story for a new fragrance.



Laconia is made up of Lemon Bergamot, orange and mandarin, so it a sharp fresh hit of citrus burst.  Its followed on with water accord, green violet leaf and Jasmine which add a green and warm middle to the fragrance with the base being made up of sea salt Vetiver and Cardamon that warm the base yet sit it firmly on a greek island, sun, sea and island warmth.

As with all the lines perfumes this is unisex, and will perfectly lend itself to summer holidays, lazy days off, as a pick me up in the heat, but also never forget a great citrus mint fragrance like this will be a wonderful way to lift the soul in the depth of winter too.  A sprig of summer amidst the white winter snow.

Now if you are not aware of this brand let’s fill you in.  At the tender age of 27  British born Tom Daxon Bowers created  a perfume line under his own name.  But it was not something he was new to having come from a family already ensconced in the industry (his mother was a key player at Molton Brown as well as having worked at Mary Qaunt) but the brand is very mush driven by his own vision, elegant sharp clean lines in both the graphics and the architectural bottles but its the juice that matters.  Working every time with the same father daughter Perfumers from  Grasse, Carla Chabert and her father Jacques, allows for a rarely seen continuity across the brand. It’s a cohesive collection with a foot in the classics but the other firmly rooted in the future. It has modernity and clarity, a cut through straight to the very essence; a congruent experience if ever there was one. 

B isla

It is clear tom knows his craft, he understands the very nature of what a fragrance is for, to smell amazing and feel amazing; to lift our spirits and take us places, but most of all fee our souls.  Which to be fair Tom always does, and with Laconia we get the extra pleasure of not just his personal images that support the launch but a sneak peek into his private world and his holiday choices whilst getting to share some of that via him!

Available now at Tom Daxon 


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