Slight Change of Mood

By Stacey Potts

When the day begins with a cloudy start, doesn’t that just echo a slow, slightly daunting, day to you? But how about when the sunshine breaks free as soon as we open our eyes, and instantly we wake up feeling happy, energised and ready for the day ahead? Its that slight change of mood that can be affected by the weather. But, say the weather constantly changes throughout the week, and we want to continue staying the same state of happiness the sun bought us? Then why not look to the scent you choose to wash with? Maybe if you could alter the scent daily to what best fits your mood that would certainly help fire start up your happy place.

Emulsion has launched a line called Alchemical Fragrances and with it comes eight different shower oil scents. What sets it apart from other shower gels is these scents that can be added to the shower gel base. With just a little drop of the fragranced oil in the palm of your hands and un-fragranced gel, you’re good to go. So any day you feel a change of smell, just top up the gel with the scent of your choice. Already that makes a slight change to your mood no matter the season.

Emulshion shower gel base with scent on a book

Use the different fragrances to alter how you feel, perfume has a very strong effect on our brand and is very linked with memory, so if you want to have a Christmas smell or a summer scent to bring you to places of happiness this is the perfect way to use this wash.

Sweet Dust

Sweet Dust. It’s as if the name resembled spring, a time where flowers begin to blossom and smells are so light and airy. The fruity cocktail blend with a strong twist of vanilla reminds you of your drinks date night with friends spilling all the tea about your new love.


A fruity scent, with slight undertones of wood and white musk, takes you to the shores of Peloponnese in Greece and into a forest of oranges, lemons, and lime. And still, the light spring-like sent opens up your emotions to a beautiful day as it wakes you up.


A smell so atmospheric and optimistic that it draws you to warmth. The burst of orange reminds you of the sun and jasmine scent, so sweet yet alluring because of its musky scent. Even in the great outdoors, the scent lingers around making you feel even more attractive.

Grapefruit and Bergamot

It’s a hot summer day, though the heat can often make you feel exhausted, a summary wash can alter your mood. Taking a shower to cool you down, Grapefruit and Bergamot a blend of citrus fruits screams excitement and enjoyment to the rest of your day. It’s like a natural fuel that boosts your energy.

Coffee and Coconut

The burst of coffee gives you that long-awaited wake-up call needed for your day. A sprinkle of coconut takes you on a trip away from your bathroom and onto a tropical island. These two blends contain just the right amount of confidence needed to tackle the day ahead.

Raspberry and Black Chamomile

An end to the warm summer brings in shorter days and cooler temperatures. As some berries are still in season, it’s only right to have soft raspberries as one of your scents. Chamomile infused into the mix is also a perfect blend to settle you down and sleep. It helps rinse off any unwanted energy from your day. A perfect scent to satisfy your evening.

 Buckthorn and Cardamom

It’s a slow and cold day, but there’s a call to use that warm spice of cardamon scent. Filled with a rich base of wood, a constant reminder of a fireplace crackling with laughter and the deep plum scent as you sip a glass of red wine. This scent sends you into relaxation taking your mind away from the cold.


Tabacco and Cedar

A pot of sweetness with a touch of spicey cinnamon and saffron. Drawing you in for a long soak in the bath. A great way to warm your heart on Valentine’s day or settle in with a good book.

If you’d like to try sprucing your mood up a little more, Emulsion washes don’t just stop with here. No matter the day, you can go that extra mile to create a unique scent. Just mix two of the scented oils together. Who knows where the concoction you make could take you.

Emulsion is officially launching soon on Amazon but you can purchase their shower gels and more here.

This article was written by both William Entwistle and  Stacey Potts.

Photography on left Jason Yates

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