Glitz; Thomas’ Treasures

By Georgina Sussman

There’s an energetic buzz in the room. The loud music is pumping through the veins of everyone in the monochromatic, edgy atmosphere. There’s a  giant unicorn seat that shimmers and draws in your attention.

Can you guess where we are?

Well it’s the exuberant and spunky Thomas Sabo, with the glitzy, dynamic and vintage vibe exemplified through their new AW18 collection. The main collection being ‘Kingdom of Dreams’ is exciting and modern along with their featured collections ‘Iconic Chains’ and ‘Black Cat’. In conjunction with this new collection, they have also redesigned their Generation Charm Club with over 260 new designs!THOMAS SABO_REBEL AT HEART_AW18_MODEL_1

The multiple new collections offer an endless selection of mix-and-match possibilities varying from handmade link chains, chunky vintage rings and medallions which are replacing their classic jewellery set. Along with this, their new hand-crafted zodiac charms give off an air of a sharp and personal flare to those that possess them. The new designs are truly inspired! Their charm club is influenced by family heirlooms that have been passed down through generations, enhancing the power and importance of each piece.


The redesigned signature pieces that have been antique-inspired intertwine natural stones and surface structures into the classic silver that we recognise as Thomas Sabo, being designed to be layered.


The irresistible and affordable collections radiate hints of splendour, grunge and the personal charisma that is the brand. Each charm has an identity that can suit many personalities, but it’s the combination that you choose that creates an individual identity for your must-have summer pieces.


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