Glow Skin

By Sally Blodgett

The freedom that comes with feeling comfortable in your own skin gives you the confidence to be your true self.  Today’s beauty trends all revolve around skin looking glowy, dewey, and bright; they focus on highlighting your inner glow to make you look and feel your best.  Women today want something that is going to lighten up their skin and give them a beautiful radiance, all in a few short steps.  Looking best and feeling your best starts with an easy, carefree skincare routine.  That’s where Luminosity comes in.  Read more about Luminosity and its skincare goals below in Glow Skin.

Young women today are busy and on the go, but still want to look their best and retain their youthful looks.  Short skincare routines with only a few products allow them to let their inner beauty shine through while keeping up with their daily life.

The Switzerland-based, high-end skincare company, Valmont, is about to launch a brand-new skincare line.  This range of products, aptly called Luminosity, focuses on a short routine to light up your skin.

This skincare line was created for younger women who want to have a skincare routine that works into their busy life all while letting their natural beauty shine through.

The four products are derived from several different plants, all known to have beneficial effects on the skin, including peppermint, white mulberry, and others.  The plants together make up something called the Swiss Phyto-Complex which utilizes the alpine nature of Switzerland to bring full radiance to the skin. 

The first step, LumiPeel, is an exfoliating lotion that leaves the user with a flawless complexion and even skin texture.  Next, LumiMask takes just ten minutes once a week sitting on the skin to add radiance to any face.  The LumiSence is a watery, light serum aimed at reducing the visibility of your pores and bringing out your skin’s natural glow.  Finally, the LumiCream is an enhancement treatment, almost like a second skin, with a slight shine that adds an easy sparkle to your skin.

Luminosity is a skincare range for young women who want to let their inner beauty shine through while also keeping pace with the needs of their daily lives.  They can use the peeling lotion for a bright complexion and the rich cream mask for baby bright skin.  They can use the watery serum to revive the skin’s glow and the pearly cream to leave a slight shine on the skin.  This skincare line is a perfectly small set of products to keep young skin healthy and bright.

Skincare is an important part of our daily lives, and it is equally as important that the products we put on our faces make us feel good and look good.  That is exactly what the Luminosity line from Valmont does.  It uses tried and true science from the Swiss company to brighten up skin and leave you ready to shine for the day.  Above all else, skincare is meant to improve our skin, improve how we look, and make us feel free and comfortable in our own skin.

Luminosity will be available to purchase in April from Valmont’s website.

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