Go Short

By Jo Phillips

Our hair is what gives us confidence and style; but we may sometimes get stumped on how exactly to style it. Or what colour to dye it perhaps. The year 2021 has arrived and with it the aesthetic news of contemporary hair fashion, and gaining popularity is a more natural and effortless look and one that becomes a timeless look that frames your face. 

Photo: Unsplash

Short Hair is back! 

As we have seen from the last two years the hair is getting shorter and the fashion is mainly talking about short haircut with a straight look and wavy hair, which includes some variations of lengths such as: haircut up to the chin, up to the shoulders and up to the clavicle. The cut is straight and precise and the edges are cut and give a broken, more rugged look, a look that mimics the wavy and coveted look you get when you go out to sea. In addition to street fashion, there are a variety of short and sought-after haircuts for women, such as the pixie haircut and the inverted Kara haircut that has not been off the shelves in recent years.  The short bob has also gained popularity, and was made popular by Instagram it-girl Taylor LaShae, a french inspired bob that is sexy and sleek! 

Fashion after 50

Just because we reach a certain age, does not mean that we can’t still play with our hairstyles. 50 and beyond is a time when you should be trying out new things! It is very important to adjust the hairstyle to the proportions and facial features though and strengthen the chin and cheekbone. Most of the mature adults tend to cut short, so it is important for the hair stylist to emphasize all the elements. Of course today in the age of aesthetic treatments as well as permanent makeup there is a wider access to looking and feeling younger. With combinations of warm cool shades and everything in between, you can work out the colour palettes and the styles that flatter you the most, if you are over 50. Grab some tips on how to manage your hair; because it is known that texture can change over time.  For example, you may want to add more volume to thin or fine hair, or perhaps you struggle with styling thick, frizzy hair, each person has their individual needs and issues. 

We are also seeing a new trend, one known as Illumination from Walla Professionals. Illumination, like bleach, is a technique of combining hair tones from the root with deeper shading, producing a more pronounced face frame. In addition, the dark hair that blends in with the shades is less extreme than using bleach, so the look is more natural. You should ask your hairdresser which shades or ombre would look best on your skin tone. First work out if you have a warmer or cooler tone and this way, you can play around with caramel shades, light greys or even more intense reds!

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