Good Fortune, Great Perfume

By Charlene Pepiot

Embrace your inner modern mystic with Viktor&Rolf’s Good Fortune perfume. Good Fortune is a fragrance with an emphasis on modern spirituality, from its bottle to the ingredients traditionally used in white magic, (known as the use of supernatural powers or magic for selfless purposes) that elevates both the nose, the mind and the spirit. Read Good Fortune, Great Perfume to find out more.

Viktor&Rolf is a luxury fashion house working within the couture arena, the very highest end of skill and creativity in fashion. They have a line of very loved fragrances already including Flowerbomb, Ruby Orchid and Spicebomb among others.

Its founders Viktor and Rolf are storytellers, from the way they present fashion to the way they approach perfumery like modern-day sorcerers. So, meet their latest potion; Good Fortune.

It’s no surprise that there are little details within the perfume that pay homage to spirituality. Each bottle of Good Fortune is encased within a purple box, with purple traditionally representing mysticism and spirituality.

Good Fortune is a powerful alchemy bottled, with velvety Jasmine infused with creamy Vanilla and topped with Gentian flower and the rather unusual Fennel, but hey that’s probably because it is a plant associated with white magic. Created alongside the perfumers Anne Filpo and Nicholaus Beaulieu the trails were numerous until they HIT THE MAGICAL SPOT!, but it did take 3500 attempts to get it to the sweet spot.

The perfume is encased in a mystical glass bottle shaped like the crystal ball of a fortune teller. An amethyst cap rests on top of the bottle as a symbol of power and positive energy.

The perfume is also vegan with no animal-deprived ingredient, while the bottle is made from 15% recycled glass and is itself 100% recyclable as well as refillable.

This is a scent that will take you on your own mystical journey, becuase as the gents say

“Destiny is not a matter of chance but a matter of choice”

We choose good fortune.

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The perfumes can be bought from Boots and The Perfume Store

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