By Melinda Aissani

When did truly great Vodka turn pink? When a team from no44 gin decided to take their out-of-the-box thinking into this most loved of spirits and elevate it to the true level of craftsmanship it deserves. Meet the 100% French organic Rosé Vodka from Provence, the city of Grasse, the international capital of perfume. Inspired to use the extraction techniques used in fragrance to reinvent the classic beverage, this genius and original idea was created by the team at Comte de Grasse in France. So, Goûte-Moi (taste me) !

One of the reasons we can now get so many types of perfumes is the science now involved in the making of scent. The ability to literally say take one specific molecule form from the scent of a rose allows, say, for a lemony-rose scent as opposed to a honey-rose scent. One singular facet can be removed from a whole myriad of scents that make up one flower. The finesse is literally amazing and allows for far more subtle yet strong clearly defined, and refined fragrances.

Now think if you use this technology for an alcoholic drink; imagine how delicate and flavoursome a drink could be. This is exactly what the company Comte de Grasse did with their first bottle of delicious Gin. And that is why we say here Goûte-Moi (taste me)

This gin 44°N, is to feel like you have arrived a the Côte d’Azur. Feel the windswept aromas of the Mediterranean in every drop. It is this same technology that brings a specific flavour profile to this drink, as it would to the scent of a perfume. Think fresh zingy lemon peel and vibrant grapefruit both exquisite flavours of the French Riviera alongside the aroma of a marine breeze punctuated with Samphire, Cade, and Mimosa, yet just like a fragrance, find the gin notes that echo the scent arena with floral notes that hint at Grasse’s Rose Centifolia and Jasmine. Alongside Bitter Orange and delicious herbaceous Angelica with the warmth of pepper. And in the base find Orris and honey ensuring a sweet yet musky long-lasting effect on the tongue, holding their end as floral and citrus notes mingle nicely together.

Base in La Côte d’Azur, an extraordinary region with beautiful landscape, where the purest water works its way slowly through the mountains to the deep blue Mediterranean sea.

Now they have upped the stakes and taken this amazing creativity and put it into a Vodka. Meet 06 Rosé Vodka, a flavour profile of this Super-Premium vodka is made using an extract of the finest Organic Rosé wine from Chateau Vert, AOP ‘Côte de Provence’ which is infused into smooth, French winter wheat Vodka to create a spirit that delivers a French Riviera explosion. This is what it really means to have a vodka with flavour, and what makes it so clever is that vodka is so usually a base to build on, think of all those vodka cocktails that are built by the flavouring process of what is added. So when the original alcohol starts with wonderful facets of flavour it can only be a win-win.

Again thinks of this process as scent extraction like the gin this is a reflection of its home Grasse the home of perfume.

The key flavour molecule added to the vodka is an organic Rosé wine from Provence (Chateau Vert, AOP ‘Côte de Provence). By extracting the flavour molecules using Active Wine Extraction  (AWX), a low temperature, low-pressure extraction method which condenses the flavour molecules, leaving the finest aromatic flavour components naturally derived from the grape. The flavour of rosé comes from the rosé wine, whereas the colour comes from red wine, where the extraction process makes it possible just to literally take the colour of the grapes to give consistency to the pink tones.

The quality of the softest French winter wheat and purest alpine spring waters creates the perfect vodka with which to marry delicate and fragrant Rosé wine. Traditional distilling methods meld with technologically enhanced extraction techniques.

The spirit delivers a French Riviera elegant explosion with concentrated freshness and aromas of strawberry. On the palate, discover a soft fruity finish with delicate floral notes and white peach.

The way history repeats itself definitely comes into play here. For example in ancient Greece, it was considered civilized to dilute wine. and by the sixth century BC, the Phocaeans brought grape vines from Greece to southern France. The wines initially produced were blends of white and red grapes. As a result, now, the south of France is considered the epicentre of rosé wine.

So where does the 06 in the name 06 Vodka comes from? Well, it represents 6 pm in Provence which refers to a significant time there. Because around 6 pm pleasure calls, and it calls its time for an aperitif. A time in the day that brings friends and family together, therefore highlighting a special occasion every day to share with loved ones Even think of the pink in the sky as the sun sets on a summer’s day. This bottle evocative of all that is Provence.

Below are some great suggestions for serving but it is worth knowing that this vodka has a uniqueness in the fact that it is a perfect sipping drink, either on its own or in high summer with a lump of cooling ice.

And just in case that is not enough Comte de Grasse also has a divine cocktail Series. Inspired by the perfume mastery of Grasse and the rich heritage of precision extraction and blending their Master Distiller Marie-Anne Contamin has created exciting flavour blends to create a new range of ready-to-drink cocktails.

They include Divine Orange, Explosion Florale, Baies Sauvages, Agrume Doré and Fraise Suave. Simply serve in a cold glass and drink or add them to spirits of your choice.

Comte de Grasse is a collaborative exploration influenced by the classic terrain, heritage and elegance of the beautiful Côte d’Azur, France. They combine new with classic, traditional craftsmanship, with cutting-edge distillation processes inspired by this city of perfume, becoming trailblazers in luxury spirits.

Find out more about Comte de Grasse Here and 06 Vodka Here.

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