Grace Hawes

By Jo Phillips

Grace Hawes is a UK based Illustrator. For .Cent’s The He-She Issue, she drew an illustration of the Erdem Spring Summer 2013 catwalk. She has been featured in the June edition of .Cent’s Breaking Boundaries newsletter.

Her creative process starts with both design and material. Usually she has a design in mind and experiment with materials as part of the creative process. She finds that if she has time to experiment with media, it helps further the design by instilling successful elements and weeding out the bits that don’t quite work with the materials or conceptually.

Other times the nature of a material can lead the design process, she likes working freehand as she enjoys the anomalies in texture and line. The materials and design fuse when she stops considering them separately, it is quite a natural process. Her aim is for the medium to aid the ideas and help to communicate them. It can be a very instinctive quick process. If it doesn’t come together, it’s back to the beginning!

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