Sparks Of Tomorrow

By Oumoukalsoum Diagne

Opportunities in our working world can take the form of opening doors that enable us to exhibit our talents to others. Wherever we are on our journey chances to show off our talents are vital. Experiences like these are so very important in a student’s career, in so many ways exposure is everything when you start out on a creative journey. Therefore a little bit of competition might be a good start, one that builds some self-confidence as well as opportunities to meet others more experienced in a chosen field. Lexus presents the yearly design competition Lexus Design Award giving creative talents from around the world a step forward into the limelight. That’s why these young talents are called to “Design for a Better Tomorrow”. What a great moment for hidden talents to shine?. Read more here in Sparks of Tomorrow.

Firtsly Milan Design Week ( Salone Del Mobile). A design Salone that is a place for interface and new opportunities for reflection on the world of design and designing. In June the city of Milan is taken over by the design world. What started as a trade fair became so successful that it took over the entire city. No design brand of any worth is not seen here at this yearly pilgrimage.

Lexus the Japanese car company will be hosting again at this event presenting this year’s Sparks of Tomorrow. Here they will present a trio of design explorations, all inspired by Lexus’ human-centered, future-oriented approach to design.

Starting with an immersive installation by award-winning architect and designer Germane Barnes, a lighting design with studio Aqua Creations, as well as new prototypes from LEXUS DESIGN AWARD 2022 finalists, and work by students at London’s Royal College of art envisioning a more sustainable future.


Milan Design Week is one of the world’s leading contemporary design events. This is a yearly competition open to professionals, students, and design enthusiasts around the world.

Entrants to the Lexus Design Award 2022 must create engaging and innovative ways to contribute to a sustainable and happy future for all. Lexus is looking for captivating designs that intersect with thoughtful solutions and can truly make a brighter future for people and societies in diverse circumstances.

An elite judging committee will review the entries, choosing six finalists announced in early 2022. These finalists will have the opportunity to liaise with four internationally renowned creators, who will provide them with a once-in-a-lifetime learning and mentoring experience. Personal guidance from these mentors of varied backgrounds and specialist knowledge will help the finalists to build prototypes that bring out the potential of their ideas.

The finalists’ prototype development will be funded by Lexus with a budget of up to three million yen (about £20,000) per finalist. In spring 2022, the six finalists presented their final proposals to the judges, who selected one Grand Prix winner. Participants’ designs have to combine their work with Lexus Brand’s principles of Anticipating, Innovating, and Captivating.


The main goal of Lexus design is to help students’ ideas come to life, flowing with the concept of creating something new, and innovative for tomorrow. Its challenge is to explore new vehicle architectures to meet changes in city life.

Lexus announced Lexus Design Award 2022 Finalists

Here are the six finalists and their designs from 2022:

Chitofoam (USA), by Charlotte Böhning and Mary Lempres. 

As mealworms can digest polystyrene, the Chitosan extracted from their exoskeletons that can be used to make biopolymers – an environmentally friendly alternative to polystyrene foam. Their design practice is centered on material-driven innovation, empathic technologies, and human-centric factors.

Hammock Wheelchair (Malaysia), byWondaleaf (Alex Wong, Reuben Tang, Louis Tang, Wong Ping Ming, John Tang, Lau Yien Yien, and Sii How Sing).

As part of a medical device innovation company, their piece takes its inspiration from the difficulties experienced by some of the team members in caring for patients in a nursing home.

Ina Vibe (Nigeria), by Team Dunamis (Obasogie Okpamen, Obasogie Osasumwen, Anastacia Amadi, Uwague Aizeyosabo and Omolehin Emmanuel).

Ina Vibe is a lightweight, portable, gas-powered cooking burner/stove with a thermoelectric generator that harnesses heat energy to produce sustainable, affordable, and clean electricity, making it possible to cook, charge and light in a sustainable and healthy way.

Sound Eclipse (Russia) by Kristina Loginova and Shamil Sahabiev.

Sound Eclipse is a noise-canceling device that reduces noise from outside when placed near an open window. A microphone on the back of the unit captures external noise, while speakers emit sound waves of identical amplitude to cancel it out.

Shamil Sahabiev is an industrial designer who has also worked as a concept artist. He has contributed design to multiple video game titles, including VR games. As a product manager, Kristina Loginova has helped to turn many creative ideas into profitable businesses. Together they are now focused on industrial design with the goal of creating things that benefit society and bring the future closer.

Tacomotive (Japan) by Kou Mikuni.

Tacomotive is an analogue driving game with a tactile quality, inspired by the concept of co-creating communication in the education of children with visual and aural challenges. The texture of the paper, especially its roughness and softness, changes subtly with pattern cutting.

Kou Mikuni graduated from the Department of Integrated Science (natural science) at the University of Tokyo, where he is now a doctoral student studying design at the School of Engineering (mechanical engineering).

The winner

Rewind (Singapore), by Poh Yun Ru.

Rewind was selected as the winner of the 2022 Lexus Design Award. Designed to evoke memories, Rewind uses a motion-tracking tool to guide elderly people with dementia in re-enacting familiar gestures. These actions are then presented in audio-visual feedback on a paired device to help trigger recollection, Poh Yun Ru is a socially engaged product designer based in Singapore, who aims to create a positive impact on society by improving the lives of others. She sees design as an opportunity specifically a methodology to develop intuitive and inclusive solutions for people from all walks of life.

Poh Yun Ru commented: “I feel immensely grateful that Rewind is now a step closer to improving the lives of more people. This couldn’t have happened without the unwavering support of my mentors, my team of dedicated engineers, programmers, healthcare experts, and users. This opportunity from the Lexus Design Award to turn a project into a real-world product felt nothing short of amazing, and I feel heartened to have met and learned from so many passionate designers from around the world. It has been such a rewarding and inspiring journey, and I am excited to continue designing for a better world and a better tomorrow for all.”

The world of design is a way to express creativity, an opportunity to make our ideas alive, it truly makes a brighter future for people and society. Thanks, Lexus for giving such an opportunity to young designers to shine, and have a brighter tomorrow.

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