Granado, Indeed.

By Melinda Aissani

If you have ever been to Brazil or in fact, live there then you will be very aware of the traditional apothecary and oldest pharmacy of Brazilian heritage Granado Pharmácias. Since the staggering year 1870, Rio de Janeiro hosted the first pharmacy in what would become a place of trust to all those in the country as branches sprung up countrywide. Its history began with manipulating local flora and fauna. Find out more in Granado Indeed

Founded in 1870 by a Portuguese man, José Antonio Coxito Granado, from its very birth the brand worked with natural remedies created from plants, herbs and flowers native to Rio de Janeiro’s mountainous region. The idea of natural approaches to health is certainly not a new idea. Natural approaches have been around for centuries and now we are looking at this classic approach with renewed vigour and so heritage brands like this are gaining an exciting new memento. Interestingly the use of plants, flowers and herbs has deep histories in many different continents as each will have its own approach to the flora and fauna of its home country.

Granado Pharmácias dedicated itself to cultivating and discovering local natural solutions to ailments. The company also compiled the first official register of Brazilian heritage medicinal plants and herbs. It also imported products from Europe and it became in, 1880 officially the first pharmaceutical supplier for the Brazilian Royal Court Family.

In 1903, João Bernardo Granado, brother of José Antonio Coxito, created the Antiseptic Talcum Powder. Becoming the oldest and most treasured company’s product, it is still sold today and has remained unchanged which says so much about how classic goods with natural roots have real power.

The pharmacy expanded quickly, acquiring and building its own factories. The company now has over 70 stores, and concessions as well.

José Antonio Coxito Granado was a pioneer not only known for his pharmaceutical products he has also published a number of documents related to the pharmaceutical sector. Between the years 1887 to 1940, he edited the annual publication ‘Pharol da Medicina’. In which he informed doctors, pharmacists and the public about the new products from his pharmacy.

Throughout the years, after three generations in the hands of the Granado family in 1994, the English entrepreneur Christopher Freeman acquired Granado from the last remaining member of the Granado family, who had no one to pass the company on to.

He wanted to lead the company through a process of simultaneous modernisation as well as a reconnection with its traditions. So, new products such as colognes and scented candles were added as well as acquiring in 2004 the traditional Brazilian perfumery house Phebo. He has carried forward the beautiful artwork, fonts and imagery from the brands’ archives into today’s collections. Yet for all this, the company still carries on the family heritage; Christopher brought his daughter into the business.

In 2017, Christopher and his daughter’s goal was to expand the company’s products into Europe. A pop-up at Le Bon Marche Rive Gauche gave them just that in, and now find three stores in Paris. But that’s not all because, from June 2022, the brand is now available in Liberty in London.

The London store will have a dedicated counter, and the collection will also be available online. find collections such as Bossa, Epoque tropical or Folha Imperial collections

The Bossa collection was created to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the brand. A delicate reminder of the warmth of the sun and the freshness of the sea alongside bright citrus, while the sunny flowers bouquet and coconut notes promote a creamy and delicate sensation. Find it in a perfume, diffuser or candle.

Bossa collection

The Folha Imperial collection celebrates all the richness of the Atlantic forest, a Woody, Aromatic, Hesperidia scent. In collaboration with the SOS Mata Atlântica Foundation, Granado supports the “Forests of Future”. A project for the reforestation of the largest Brazilian biome. A perfect engagement to save the planet dedicated to the preservation of the forest.

Folha Imperial collection

The Epoque tropical collection is a combination between exotic Brazilian flowers and classic French sensual fragrances. With a scent of woody notes with aromatic citrus mixed up in an elegant and dynamic floral bouquet of Magnolia, Rose and Geranium. The meeting between freshness, sensuality; the classic and the modern.

Epoque tropical

The Boemia fragrance collection is an extremely elegant and sensual scent thanks to the spicy fragrance. Which remains Rio de Janeiro’s most bohemian neighbourhood. It is fresh, light and wrapped in an atmosphere of mystery and sophistication. Black Pepper, Nutmeg and Lime; meet with Olibanum, Cedar and Geranium; where the base is Tobacco, Sandalwood and Leather.

Boemia fragrance collection

And finally the Vintage diffuser and vintage soap collection are inspired by the atmosphere of a rustic green and natural creation of the Folha Imperial collection. Bringing nature in beautiful packaging highlights the biodiversity of the Atlantic forest. There are also soaps, with the scent of damp earth trees and water that gives a feeling of comfort and freshness. Enriched with murumuru butter which gives them a creamy texture and hydrating power.

Vintage diffuser and vintage soap collection

With a careful selection range of products, including their finest Brazilian perfumes, body care, and home fragrances, Granado can now be recognised throughout the world. Already firmly placed in Brazilian hearts it is now set to conquer the rest of the world

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