Grateful Feet

By Jo Phillips

I am forever grateful for me feet…ok not something many of us may say aloud everyday but something if we stop and think about if for a moment we are reminded just how lucky we are, not just to be able to walk about, but but in a bigger picture be able travel and move freely, to be able to encase them in divine shoes and to be able to have twinkling toes nails painted in favourite colours. There are of course important reasons for good foot health for intense treatments, but also just keeping your feet soft and exfoliated is a start, find out a little great trick here in Grateful feet

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Meet the  SVR Xèrial Peel Exfoliating Foot Mask, because yes your feet need hydration and exfoliation just like your face. These exfoliating foot treatment masks (2x20ml) are a urea-based skincare range for dry, rough, peeling or flaking skin, tackling all levels of dryness

Easy-to-use, ultra-exfoliating foot-sock treatment transforms feet after a single application, over the course of several days.

For feet that suffer from hard, cracked dry skin, corns and calluses, this exfoliating ‘sock’ mask delivers intense hydration through an innovative formula, concentrated in keratolytic and emollient actives. Effortless to use, it targets only the rough, thick skin on the feet and protects delicate areas, leaving it supple and soft.

After wearing for one hour, the skin will start ‘shedding’ over the next four to five days, eliminating 75% of dead and hardened skin. In two weeks your feet will be visibly transformed. The result will leave your feet silky-soft, smooth and healthy!

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