Elixier Life

By Yasmin Ayture

Perfume renders us captive by all it brings to our world, a scent that explodes out of the bottle that emotionally takes us somewhere. From inside this small glass container, perfume’s magnitude outsizes its glass parameters; then this bottle of elixir expands its life once on the skin. Here we show you some new perfumes releases ready to take each of us on an emotional fragranced journey. We explored these new editions enjoying them like a Picasso cubist painting; 2D scent into 3D emotion. Taking the very cue that the cubists set down for us. Read more in Elixier Life.

All images Jeon Seung studiojeon.com. InstragramJeonSeung_studio Creative director Jo Phillips

Bursting out, the whole world, every place you can imagine is captured within a bottle of scent; a sun-swept seaside or the deep green and brown depths of a forest. Smell has the power to transform a mood or enhance how you already feel but most of all this happens since smell (so linked to our memory) will always remind us of people and places; the core things that drive our emotions. This scented elixir is trapped in a bottle until its released: Kissing the skin then seeping into the air where the true animation comes to life. A simple juice comes alive.

Firstly, meet a brand new collection of four new scents: Salvatore Ferragamo’s Storie di Seta Collection

Salvatore Ferragamo’s Storie di Seta collection is a multi-faceted four-dimensional experience of four brand new Eau de Parfum fragrances. The collection makes us question why each bottle is separate because they belong together like the seasons. The concept: determination and independence to ‘do it yourself’ whilst being a part of a wider whole, a world bigger than just you, standing apart yet belonging. Indeed, you can wear any of these perfumes individually or as a unique blend in harmonisation with the others.

In perfect juxtaposition, the blue and the green bottles, one representing the ocean and the other the jungle, sit side by side with the yellow bottle representing the sub-Sharan African wilderness and finally the floral pink perfume exploring the Sakura flower. This complete collection is where the sea meets the sun in the sky and the in-land flower blossoms in the depths of the wild.

Individually, the four scents are:

The Pink bottle, like the last stream of faint clouds above the setting sun; the Giardini di Seta stands subtly yet with strength like the pink flamingo, celebrating the pink heart of the Sakura flower in the garden. With woody notes of Madagascar Vetiver, the bright musk with crunchy Red Fruits accompany one other in an artistic bouquet of warm and sweet. Unexpected sour tones from the Rhubarb create its unexpected vibrant hues, emphasising the confidence of the delicate petals.

Giungle di Seta is the green bottle representing the jungle; it is an intense floral green blend possessing vapours of wild green freshness and pure deep woodiness. The luminous depths of musk stand strong alongside the contrasting Green Pea crispy twist and velvet of Peony Blossoms, celebrating the majesty of the other.

Savane di Seta is the third Eau de Parfum in the yellow bottle, exuding all that is yellow with its sensual floral citrus representing the baking plains of sub-Saharan Africa in its glory. This scent seems to exist in perpetual sunshine. A sophisticated cologne, the surprising Carrot Seed Accord builds up to the powdery notes of the Orris flower heart, with milky tones from Indian Sandalwood like hearing the crashing waves of a distant land from within a shell.

Finally, we meet the sea. The final perfume, the blue bottle of Oceani di Seta is a floral aqueous creation. It is simply fresh with its crystallized top Salty Accord that takes us to the ocean waves in birds-eye view. Sawing high above the crashing waves as they rise and fall, diving down but never hitting the water, transcendent in the freedom of the flight. The soft notes of Heliotrope magnify the vivid potential of the waves, with the fragrant Magnolia petals enveloping the perfume from the air into the lush heart of the sea.

These global fragrances are a meeting of Earth with her dynamic spirit. The silk thread connecting these four perfumes is the scent Filo di Seta, a signature accord that binds each blend into the other’s distinct world, bringing four scents into one.

Maison Crivelli – Lys Sølaberg

Maison Crivelli perfumes are made with the belief that every perfume is a living art form, constantly evolving and entirely unpredictable, taking on a life force of its own after being created.

Thibaud Crivelli – “Perfume is a Living Experience”

Maison Crivelli’s new fragrance, Lys Sølaberg Eau de Parfum is a multi-faceted prism of sensory involvement, detectable from multiple angles. Its luminous top note is reinforced with the complex colour system of the pearl, with the pearlescent facet meeting with the Iris-Carrot seed duo. The flower is wrapped with Dried Fruit Accord, like a liqueur beaming with the notes of Wine Lees (yeast from the grape) and Fruity Quince.

The perfume feels consistently natural as it’s tied with Tobacco Absolute, Patchouli and Cedar, firmly rooted in the aged and wise. The mixed but coherent formula is enfolded with Ambroxan, a complex woody base that settles the tones. Intriguingly humid, this perfume possesses an earthy and peaty dew texture that shows it to be living in the purest form.

Guerlain Paris

From Guerlain Paris, two new joyful fragrances from The Aqua Allegoria collection have been released, Flora Salvaggia and Nettare di Sole. The Aqua Allegoria collection of perfumes pays homage to the wonders of nature and these new editions continue to celebrate the bee, as for Guerlain Paris, bees represent their commitment to sustainability and striving for a more beautiful world. Bees soar and gather pollen from different gardens, with these perfumes shining a light on the bee as a symbol of beauty and its legacy as the ultimate protector and preserver of nature.

Indeed, drawing on the beauty of nature and paying respect to bees, this perfume collection centres on this sentiment. Honouring nature is what Flora Salvaggia and Nettare di Sole stand for. Flora Salvaggia is at the stage of pollination, the flower, the original perfumer after all is the bee and this golden thread connects these two fragrances.

The two fragrances in the collection are:

Venturing into the honeyed bouquet of flowers, Nettare di Sole is the nectar of life, sweet and sublime and comforting in its absurdity. With the great flowers of Magnolia, Rose, Jasmine Sambac embedded within this perfume. This perfume is ‘beauty honey’, with a mix of flowers, honey, musk, and a light touch of Bergamot adding an element of summery citrus whilst emanating sweet joy like the hard icy crash of a wave on the skin.

Flora Salvaggia (featured above) is a Wildflower Accord, telling tales of its joy. It embodies a sweet delight of Melon, White musk and Iris which fuse into a dance of fruit and floral explosions. The soft fragrance of orange blossom has the sweet essence of citrus without overpowering the heady scent of Jasmine Sambac. This perfume awakens the sense of freedom and imagination, dancing with purpose and dignity like the bee.

Francis Kurkdjian’s Aqua fragrances – Aqua Cologne Forte collection

Meet the new collection Cologne forte which sits amongst Francis Kurkdjian’s current Aqua fragrances. The idea behind this collection is freshness through the sensations, accentuated and induced by light and its many reflections.

The first of the three brand new fragrances being introduced is Aqua Universalis Cologne forte infused with the citrus of Bergamot from Calabria (a region in Italy) intertwined with the sweetness of a White Musk Accord. This perfume is truly sweet with its Mock Orange and Sweet Pea elements that combine with the surge of Diaphanous White Flowers to create a unique floral breath of freshness and purity.

The second perfume in the collection is Aqua Vitae Cologne forte, (featured above) with the Italian influence continuing with Italian Mandarin injecting a bright freshness into the sharp intensity of the Bergamot. This a truly sunny and floral scent that is set apart by the sensual Sandalwood musk from India which makes this perfume truly pampering in its nature.

Aqua Celestia Cologne forte is the third perfume of the collection, completing the set with the Bergamot ingredient continuing as the thread connecting this triad in a summery celebration of citrus and its unique sweet and sour harmony. This perfume is especially fruity with its notes of Blackcurrant, Mimosa and Jasmine that fuse softly with the mellow Fruity Musk Accord. This perfume reflects the brightness of the coming horizons with its indulgent tones deriving from fruits and the flowering shrubs of citrus.

On far right standing tall in black is the Exclusive Love Handles Vase by designed Anissa Kermiche available in several colours from Terracotta to Natural Speckle; available exclusively at The Conran store Here.

Ellis Brooklyn’s BEE

Also new to the world and recently launched, Ellis Brooklyn’s BEE Eau de Parfum is designed to make you fall in love with yourself, as the honey drips in absolute succulence. Warm and spicy scents take you home and then into a warm faraway café surrounded by icy mountains as the unexpected notes of Sandalwood and Vanilla Bean are cosy and create an experience of hygge. Available in 50ml and as a 10ml purse spray, the top notes of Pink Pepper, Dark Rum and Davana own the strong and unassailable depths of adventure and add a unique element of spice to this scent. This perfume a comfort for your soul.

The perfume ingredients of this new collection come together – oh so emblematically – like a swarm of bees, so each formula becomes nectar steeped in terroir (characteristic taste and flavour imparted to a wine by the environment in which it is produced), culture and the spirit of the moment.

Escentric Molecules

Escentric Molecules are a perfume brand celebrating the art of chemistry. They have taken a single ingredient created in a laboratory and used it to redefine the perfume world. The star ingredient and the initial one used in this journey is Iso E Super (there are 4 other key scents in the collection). Their new launch celebrates the iconic Iso E Super by having it as the constant base ingredient whilst they add in just one other ingredient to each perfume.

Molecule 01 perfume has a velvety sensation of purity, with no odorants except the aroma-molecule Iso E Super. This remains the cornerstone of the fragrance, magnifying and focusing attention onto this ingredient which usually resides unnoticed in other perfumes; here it is the main and single feature. An ode to minimalism and reminiscent of the science that created Iso E Super.

Taking this concept further, Escentric Molecules have created 3 new versions of Molecule 01 to explore the mysterious effect of adding just one new ingredient: the Molecule + 1 series is born.

There are three variations, one variation adds Mandarian extracted from Mandarin Orange to transform the essence in every imaginable way. The Cedarwood note from Molecule 01 remains and compliments the new addition.  

Adding Iris to Molecule 01 is the second version, creating Molecule + Iris: one step at a time, one minute to the next. A love affair with the luxury of iris, a subtle bomb that knows dignity and respect through its charm and elegance.

In the third edition, Patchouli from the plant is added to Molecule 01 (Molecule + Patchouli) where its bohemian spirit dances, rising and falling with the fragrance of Iso E Super. Escentric Molecules celebrate the art of scientific creation in perfume.

Jo Loves have released a new Fragrance Diffuser for the home bringing a scent of fig trees whilst adding great decor to the room. Inspired by family holidays in Italy it captures the fresh, green scent of ripe Figs alongside delicately sweet cassis and the warmth of amber to create an indulgent home scent. The Diffuser reeds soak up the fragrance oil and disperse the scent into the air. Available Here.

Another beautiful vase inspired by the works of Romanian sculptor, Constantin Brâncusi, is the Giant Love Handles Vase in Black by Anissa Kermiche available exclusively at The Conran Shop Here. This one is truly larger than life standing at 90cm, perfect for filling with flowers or being a defining part of your home as a defining ornament and art piece.

Floral Street – Powered by Flowers

Floral street launches four new sustainable home fragrant collections designed to enter happy spaces, allowing you to bloom wherever you are. Powered by Flowers is a range of candles and diffusers for the home, to be luxurious and sustainable. Read about the full collection Here.

From this home collection, meet The Wonderland Bloom collection that exhibits the glory of a rose garden. It is pure opulence with its harmonious blend of Rose, Peony and Patchouli. This scene is upheld by the ideal blend of Black Pepper and Green Apple which gives a sharp and spicy input into the calmness of the perfume. This home collection is ideal for creating a space to partake in activities like yoga and breathwork that can make the body and mind feel so good.

Armani Code Eau de Parfum is an intense fragrance for men with notes of Citrus that curiously yet perfectly fuse with the smooth Tonka Bean. Find top notes of Lavender, Lemon and Bergamot; with the middle note of Tonka Bean; which collide in the base with Vanilla, Suede, Cedar and Musk. An Amber Fougere fragrance for men available Here.

From the magnificent Maison Margiela’s Replica collection comes the new Matcha Meditation eau de toilette. It has top notes of Bergamot Essence, Mandarin Essence, Green Tea Accord, connecting together with the heart notes of Matcha Accord, Orange Flower Absolute, Jasmine Accord and grounded and completed with the base notes of Moss Accord, White Chocolate Accord and Cedar Essence, available Here.

Featuring the exquisite work from 1937 by Pablo Picasso, the Picasso Portrait De Dora Cushion brings a burst of bright colour and artistic wonder into your interior, available at The Conran Shop Here.

The Giant Love Handles Vase in Black is an exclusive item available at The Conran Shop designed by Anissa Kermiche a ceramic from Portugal is finished with a striking matt black gaze that brings with modernity and celebration of body form, available Here.

Gun Metal Grey with navy Rado Captian Cook High-Tech Ceramic watch. This Captain Cook High-Tech Ceramic is the culmination of many years of research and development together with the history and tradition of the Rado Captain Cook. Automatic, 43mm, Plasma high-tech ceramic case, monobloc construction. With a hardened stainless steel turning bezel and a polished blue high-tech ceramic insert with engraved white lacquered numbers and markers. This timepiece is water-resistant to 30 bar and with the R374 movement featuring Nivachron hairspring.

AQUIS x Alice + Olivia Double Layer Hair Wrap is a limited edition hair towel. It serves a two-fold purpose for our hair with one side being made of signature Aquitex fabric that gently wicks away water without friction or hair damage, drying hair in half the time whilst the other side prevents ‘bed-head’ whilst you sleep to keep hair frizz-free.

White in Black from Lalique – Lalique

Lalique is a French glassmaker, designers of exquisite vases, glass art and perfume bottles who bridge this world with the creation of their own perfumes. Meet their brand new fragrance White in Black from Lalique, curated to break the codes of classic masculinity. It is a high-contrast scent for the man to completely embrace all his innermost contradictions. With top notes of Italian Bergamot Grapefruit Incense, it is refined yet sweet. Interlocking with the heart notes, the beating elements of White Cedarwood and Vanilla commit to a grounded essence that exudes comfort.

Exciting the senses, the dry note of pink peppercorn brings out the vigour and toughness of the secret, hidden away and released feelings. The glass bottle of this fragrance can be written on in chalk, allowing a unique novelty experience for you to write something new every day onto the bottle such as an inspirational motto to encourage and inspire yourself.

The already present, classic Lalique White stands in contrast to the new Lalique White in Black, a pair that exists because of the other. Lalique White perfume launched in 2008 and finally has its accompaniment. A citrus aromatic fragrance with top notes of lemon leaf combined with the middle notes of pepper and nutmeg.

This former classic finds a sweet spot between the earthy depth of Lalique White in Black’s grounding elements of strength and flexibility. This pair now stand interlocked and entwined, challenging the usual understanding of dichotomy as they are more than opposites.

Ralph Lauren’s Ralph’s Club Eau de Parfum is made of the highest quality ingredients with fresh notes of Lavandin and Clary Sage which are balanced out by the warm richness of Virginia cedarwood and Vetiver to create a sensual and woody scent.

Armani Privé perfumes showcase unique, luxurious notes from the most precious natural ingredients. Armani’s fragrances embody scents from around the world – Cuir Noir’s wild, smouldering leather scent captures an Arabian night, while Rose Alexandrie’s blend of soft, floral notes is inspired by a beloved flower. Discover these luxurious, versatile fragrances for the confident man or woman.

Indeed, Armani’s Cyprès Pantelleria fragrance for women and men has main accords which are simultaneously woody, aromatic and citrusy whilst being earthy, mossy and truly aquatic. Fresh spice also combines with soft spicy notes as well as freshness and amber that blend for a truly unique fragrance. Cyprès Pantelleria has top notes of Citron, Bergamot, Neroli and Mandarin Orange and middle notes of Clary Sage, Water Notes and Cypress, rounded with base notes of Amberwood, Oakmoss, Patchouli and Vetiver, making it a totally elegant and classic and invigorating fragrance.

Van Cleef an Arpels – Orchid Leather

Interlocking the worlds of stunning gemstones and perfume, the High Perfumery of Van Cleef & Arpels pays homage to the mystique and crystal-pure enchantment of nature’s magic. Into new territory yet loyal to the iconic blend, within the Orchid Leather perfume there is Cistus (perennial shrubs which flower on dry or rocky soils) and Vanilla pod produce the accents of leather that define this new fragrance. This impression of leather is unlike any other in its exquisite production of a musky note whilst the Vanilla’s spicy inflections develop the warm leather experience.

Boucheron Paris – Cuir de Venise

From Boucheron Paris, the first great contemporary jeweller that set up in Place Vendome in 1893, traversed and collected from every continent: the aromas of faraway lands and the awe-inspiring gems connecting those very stories. To wear a ‘second skin’ is to spray the new fragrance Cuir de Venise, to be encased in the kaleidoscope of modernity meeting with the blue waters of the noble and beautiful Venice; for Venice is acceptance and knowledge of the past.

Entirely refined, the honeyed scent of leather that creates Cuir de Venise is enchanting, creating a combination of soothing spice. Underneath the warmth of the sun yet laying at the heart of the melting honey, this fragrance seems to play with the temperature of its inner tones. The main ingredient is Guaiac Wood, with the consistent woody notes throughout of Papyrus and Cedarwood creating a sensation of extreme richness; this is utterly perfect for the Cocoa Infusion of sweet sensuality which comes into its full essence alongside the Vanilla, Ginger and Cinnamon that add comfort to this fragrance. This perfume is highly sensual, wrapping the skin, adding to the skin rather than fusing with it, creating a blanket of warmth.

The Exclusive Breast Friend Vase in Red by Anissa Kermiche is available exclusively from the Conran Shop. It adds a true statement and vibrant addition to any room and is as mesmerizing and eloquent as it is quirky and original.

Chanel – Les Eaux de Chanel

In 2018, Les Eaux de Chanel introduced a new perfume collection inspired by freshness and imagination that draws inspiration from Mademoiselle’s favourite places. Return tickets, the carriageway between two destinations, underpins each perfume; the fragrances are the venturing back and forth between two special places. The destinations and the journey. This embodies a unique concept, with the first destination city being always Paris: the base, the home. Paris is then left momentarily behind to traverse new locations that develop the aroma in the travelled paths; the five fragrances are the excitement and hurry of the airport boards, labelled PARIS-BIARRITZ, PARIS-DEAUVILLE and PARISVENISE, PARIS-RIVIERA and PARIS-ÉDIMBOURG.

The fifth olfactory journey PARIS-ÉDIMBOURG perfume takes us to witness the quintessential peace and solitude of a gently blowing spring barley fields of Scotland. This perfume journey is immersed in the mysterious Scottish countryside as the two main features of Juniper Berry and Peaty Wood are described as ‘gripping and icy’, finding blissful snowfall in the most unexpected conditions. At the same time, this perfume is the earthiest and woodiest of Les Eaux de Chanel, becoming a reality which, for now, completes this quintet.

Chanel has also added colours to its eye collection to encourage an expression of true emotion. The Stylo Yeux Waterproof eyeliners come in 7 new shades and are water-resistant so the crafted look stays with you. Both sophisticated and adventurous, the colours bring out nostalgia and intrigue as they shine beautifully around the eye: 36 Prune Intense – a matte purple, 38 Bleu Métal – a satiny blue, 42 Gris Graphite – a satiny silver gray, 46 Vert, Émeraude – a satiny mallard green, 48 Or Antique – a gold, 54 Rose Cuivré – a satiny coppery pink, 56 Khaki Métal – a satiny golden khaki.

The two eyeshadows palettes above are designed to accompany the eyeliners, with Les 4 Ombres launching two new shades. One of these is Douceur et Sérénité, soft and ideal for adding definition to the eyes. The Lumières et Vibrations palette has warmer shades of coppery peach, antique gold, intense brown and slightly pinkish brown.

Crafted in Portugal as all the vases in the collection, the exclusive Best Friend Vase in Red by Anissa Kermiche is available exclusively at The Conran Shop available Here.

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