Heal The World

By Jo Phillips

We can’t move forward as we were. Covid changed that. May be just maybe it was the wake-up call we needed. A moment to look in and out at our own behaviour and at the state of the world around us. How many of us during the first lockdown noticed the birds singing for the first time in too long (for those. City types that never get to hear the song above the sound of cars and planes and trains and buses and people!!!! Did the air smell sweeter?  Did the world seem weirdly more peaceful, seeing as we were all literally forced to stop? Find out more here in Heal The World

Did we take moments to just evaluate?  Here at .cent we certainly did.  Although by the very nature we choose to stop printing on paper in 2012 to help the impact on our planet there is still so much more to do. But we all need help in this very confusing world of helping to heal the world

Image Rivendawn NFT by Jordan Grobe

So we are so excited to introduce to you our very own contributing sustainability editor as part of our commitment to not just improve where we can but also to help you all navigate the nightmare than is anything called sustainability, greenwashing, biodiversity all those other words that we are not really sure what to do with.

Now in this dynamic paradigm shift, we all need to up our game and change our behaviour so we are delighted to introduce you to Illana Adamson as our newest team member

Illana is the founder of Be Better, an independent 3rd party agency that specialises in helping organisations to navigate the complexity in the various frameworks for sustainability reporting. 

Working with future thinking organisations they build bespoke roadmaps with an eye on the future to change the narrative and define what best practice looks like versus greenwashing.

Illana says  

“How we speak about sustainability will change dramatically over the next months and years.  I am thrilled to join the .Cent team as Contributing Editor of Sustainability.  In this monthly column, we can all embark on the journey to a sustainable future by simply taking another Step in the right direction together. 

 I am here to offer insight and practical advice in navigating the path to a sustainable future, to bring sustainability this intense issue we have,   and to help bring understanding clarity and answers to everyday action that brings about real change.

Having been in the sustainability space for 16 years I can honestly say that the paradigm shift to sustainable practices represents huge opportunities for brands, particularly those with a creative edge.

Working with luxury brands for the past 30 years, I believe the most ethical choices are the most aspirational ones and what seems unattainable now will be standard practice in the new normal.”

illana@bebetter.at. www.bebetter.at

Jordan Gorbe NFT Rivendawn
He says “The natural world provides an intrinsic sense of warmth and wonder – a feeling of calm quiet that settles the soul. In these moments my visual memory always finds itself linked to music.
Here, gazing upon this idyllic overlook of Misty Mountains, the melody of RUSH’s “Rivendell” and the mythos of Lord of the Rings came to mind as darkness gave way to light a new day”. Find it Here.

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