Hebronix by Daniel Blumberg

By Pascal Ebner


Just recently former Yuck member Daniel Blumberg revealed another track from his most recent project Hebronix, showing musical ambition and lyrical power. “Viral” is thus the second song from Hebronix’ upcoming debut album “Unreal”.

Additionally, Blumberg presents the official music video for the track on YouTube and gets assistance from Stacy Martin, who is going to star in Lars von Triers forthcoming film “The Nymphomaniac”, and Sonja Kinski, granddaughter of actor Klaus Kinski.

‘Viral’ Music Video

To listen to the first track “Unreal”, same-titled as the debut album of Hebronix, visit SoundCloud. With the new sound, Daniel Blumberg is able to push the sound of Yuck even further and broaden his horizon even further.

“Unreal”, the debut album of Hebronix, is set to be released on 8 June in the UK and features exclusive drawings by Daniel Blumberg himself.

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