Helpful Scent

By Jo Phillips

Who doesn’t love a great scented candle? And up there with the best is the Baies Candle from diptyque. Well for a few days only there is a limited edition version available, but one that gives back too. Read more here in Helpful Scent.

The diptyque Baies candle is an icon within not just the brand’s range but within the world of scented candles. Described by them as

The tangy coolness of freshly picked blackcurrant berries. A few black bunches still have their leaves, their green and aromatic scent blending with the lively, flowery accents of rose”.

Making it fruity with floral and green notes, lively sensual and yet with hints of freshness. But how about the fact there is a special edition coming?

This very limited edition candle comes housed in a black glass container with swirling graphic op-art lines. This pattern, as ever, harks back to the very heritage of the brand. In the first-ever store 34 Boulevard St Germain in Paris, a wall of this den of delights was hard stone and it was this stone that evoked the ‘vain’ design known by the brand as the Basille pattern

Here, not only does the glass for the candle highlight the design the scented delight comes boxed with the wavy pattern in black white and gold as well.

And best of all if you are lucky enough to be able to either purchase one online or in one of the few stores it will be on sale in then know that 15% of sales from this limited edition jewel will go to the Worlld Health Organisation Covid-Solidarity response fund.

However, be warned this is a very limited edition and it is only on sale for three days, so go online or into selected stores from the 26th to the 29th of November and get yourself a little goodie whilst being good to others.

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